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Official Expo 2015 Coin, all the details

Official Expo 2015 Coin, all the details

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Our first announcement regarding the construction of the Expo 2015 official currency, after almost two years it was officially presented making its debut at theWorld Money Fairin Berlin, the main world event dedicated to numismatics.

There Expo 2015 official currency has its roots in the concept of the UFWC - United Future World Currency global currency presented by Elettra Marconi. ThereExpo 2015 official currencyon one side it shows the number 1 repeated five times, and on the other, it shows off the logo of Expo 2015 centrally placed and surrounded by the representation of 5 leaves of as many trees peculiar to each continent. It is with these symbols that theExpo 2015 coinrepresents the unity of the continents.

The coin was created by the authors of the Euro, Luc Luycx of the Belgian Royal Mint, and Laura Cretara, the first female engraver in the world.

Not just coins
Expo 2015 can boast of some prototypes of coins and medals including the"Big dimensions", the Eco Coin in recycled metal, the Gold, Silver and colored Titanium types, as well as experiments with intelligent card-coins and special coinage, are an example of the coin that brings the unusual metal-wood combination designed for the sector of timber operators up to the pink precious metal specimens inspired by the Expo 2015 project 'We Women for Expo‘.

Suffice it to say that, on the occasion of Women's Day of 8 March 2014, Emma Morano, the oldest woman in Verbania with her 114 years of age, received the first Expo 2015 official currencywhich for the occasion was personalized with the addition of three diamonds symbolizing the centuries of life that have passed.

The coins of "Big dimensions"they were handed over to the two presidents of the Word Money Fair, Hans-Henning Goehrum and Albert Beck; it's about coins of Expo 2015 with a diameter of 15 centimeters, one of the largest in the world in terms of size.

"This moment -commented the Ambassador of Italy to Germany, Elio Mention- shows the spirit and enthusiasm with which Expo 2015 is preparing, an event that will bring 142 states to Milan and to which Germany has joined with conviction among the first. The Expo will allow Italy to show its excellence and contribute to the debate for a more sustainable future and quality nutrition ".

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