Verdevero: 7 ecological detergents to clean the world

Verdevero: 7 ecological detergents to clean the world

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Ecological cleaners for all tastes, including those with allergies: offers a line that is the natural and eco-sustainable answer to the cleanliness needs of a green soul. Seven household detergents, as well as ingredients and tips for self-production, with a result that has nothing to envy to the market-leading detergents but which have very little ecological.

1) When was Verdevero born? Who are you and what is your mission? is a project born 5 years ago from a personal need: to fight itching and dermatitis that afflicted us in the family. So we decided to produce a line of ecological detergents, having been in the industry for over 15 years. Since then our life has changed: and his ecological cleaners they were like a springboard for a personal transformation. Our main mission is to make i ecological cleaners, 'Detergents': even Ms. Maria must throw away the horrid supermarket products and consume them consciously.

2) What products do you sell? What are the most requested ecological detergents today?
The range is made up of 7 ecological cleaners for hygiene and house cleaning: liquid detergent for hand and machine washing, universal active oxygen detergent, detergent for washing dishes by hand, detergent for washing dishes in the dishwasher, degreaser, detergent for floors, detergent for windows and surfaces. To these ecological cleaners we have associated ingredients for home self-production e ecological additives. Surely our strong points are the ecological laundry detergent, the degreaser and the hand dish detergent.

3) Are there also do-it-yourself cleaners? What are they and how are they used?
They are not really do-it-yourself detergents, but ingredients with which to self-produce detergents: bicarbonate, citric acid to make softener, descaler and rinse aid, laundry soda, whitening percarbonate, vegetable soap. On our blog dedicated to ecological cleaners there are many self-production recipes.

4) Why can your products be defined as ecological detergents? What certifications or verifications do you do?
I'm ecological cleaners because they contain raw materials of vegetable origin, because our Inci was formulated on the basis of Fabrizio Zago's Biodictionary and because biodegradability of our detergents is very high. Icea certifies it with the certification to which we have joined Eco Detergenza. We are also tested, again through Icea, for the content against heavy metals. And since ours ecological cleaners are an all-round ethical choice, I wanted to guarantee my customers that the raw materials used were not tested on animals with Lav certification.

5) What guarantees of cleaning effectiveness do your ecological detergents provide?
Seeing is believing! And then there is the Icea certification which also guarantees use performance equal to or superior to that of traditional market-leading detergents.

6) What are the advantages of your ecological detergents in relation to allergic or sensitive skin?
They are tested against heavy metal content - this is the first obstacle we have put to allergies. Our ecological cleaners they also have a neutral fragrance: this choice was made to allow more and more people allergic to essential oils contained in detergents, including ecological ones, to use quality products. For those who love perfumed linen, there are 4 organic essential oils - citrus, lavender, toning with lemon, mint and thyme, balsamic with eucalyptus, thyme and mint - with which to perfume the detergents or to add directly to the washing machine tray, in the water bucket or kitchen sink.

7) How can you access your products?
THE ecological cleaners can be purchased online or in selected local stores. Or through GAS for which we have special conditions, including the withdrawal of used 5-liter tanks to be filled from time to time, without wasting labels and useless plastic. About six months ago a project started with an ethical home sales partner of ours ecological cleaners.

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