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Bookcrossing in Milan

Bookcrossing in Milan

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The bookcrossing in Milan was the theme of this evening's meeting, organized by Valentina Vitellaro at the Just Café in Via Pacini, as part of the initiatives of the Facebook Social Street group in Via Ponzio.

The "neighbors" of the Facebook Social Street group in Piazza Udine also took part in the meeting. In all, about twenty people, a good number to go!

The first books were "released" and many ideas were put on the table to better launch the initiative of bookcrossing, perhaps enriching it with social evenings in which to meet to comment on the books read and circulated by the group.

For those who still do not know what the bookcrossing, in its original version, is an initiative launched in 2001 by Ron Hornbaker and his wife Kaori which consists of leaving books in a public place so that they can be collected and read by other people. The books contain an identification code and an invitation to abandon it in a new public place once read, perhaps adding a dedication or notes.

The initiative's official website is

Bookcrossing has since spread all over the world, including Italy, with more or less personalized formulas. In common remains the aim of the totally free and non-commercial initiative.

The term "bookcrossing" has long been included in the English language vocabularies and derives from the union of the terms "book" = "book" and "Crossing" = exchanging, crossing. The meaning of the term bookcrossing is therefore to exchange books but it can also indicate the intersection between the lives of those who read the books, who come into contact, even if only virtually, through the passage of a volume from hand to hand.

The initiatives of bookcrossing in Milan there are already many but the association with the neighborhood micro-communities created on Facebook, according to the principles of Social Street, could lead to a new rapid expansion of the initiative.

The Just Cafè in Via Pacini 23 which hosted the aperitif dedicated to Bookcrossing in Milan.