Electric scooter, performance and models

Electric scooter, performance and models

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The electric scooteris the evolution of battery-powered mobility on two wheels. They exist on the market electric scooters which use the battery as a source of energy for the engine, however there is no shortage of prototypeselectric scootersthat use fuel cells.

When it comes to accumulators, one electric scooter it can be equipped with batteries of different types, among the most performing are lithium-ion batteries. When it comes to motors it is more difficult to find technological differences, today brushless motors predominate and can be more or less powerful depending on the model. The first models of electric scooters widespread on the market, they were equipped with brushed DC motors (that's why the new generation of motors is called "brush-less" literally, without brushes), again, there are electric scooters with single-phase alternating current motors controlled by an inverter.

The engines brushless not containing any electrical transmission, it does not lose power during transmission, cutting all waste and eliminating noise pollution.

Why buy one electric scooter?
The advantages are not purely environmental, even economic:

  • with the electric scooter, a full tank costs just over one euro.
  • the vehicle is extremely quiet
  • maintenance costs are limited: it does not require oil or fuel filter changes, the engine has no cylinders, valves ...
  • management costs are halved:
    - zero ownership tax (many regions of Italy do not require the payment of the stamp duty for those who own one electric scooter)
    - discounted Civil Liability insurance costs
    -free access to Restricted Traffic Areas

On the market, even in Italy, there are many models of electric scooters you can buy. BMW itself entered the European market with an electric-only maxiscooter. In the field of mobility on two wheels with electric traction, we point out the presence of hybrid scooters which, to the thermal engine, associate a small electric engine. Here is a short list of the electric scooters on the market.

  • Govecs range of electric scooters
    The range ofGovecs electric scooter, for now, it is made up of four models which in the most powerful configuration can offer performances comparable to those seen on classic 125cc scooters.
  • Electric scooterRELOAD
    It is a light scooter, weighs only 85 kg and autonomy reaches up to 100 km depending on the version chosen. The cheaper version takes you home to thepriceof 4,850 euros.
  • Yamaha EC-03 electric scooter
    Theelectric scooterThe Yamaha EC-03 can be a winner when compared to a traditional 50cc motor: the engine is capable of delivering 9.6 Nm of torque, double the value available on a traditional 50cc petrol engine. The lively engine allows rapid acceleration (torque is available immediately) and the maximum speed is limited to 45 km / h.

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