Vanmoof Electrified, the bike with integrated gps

Vanmoof Electrified, the bike with integrated gps

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Is called Vanmoof Electrified and is expected on the market with a global launch scheduled for next July 2014. The producers of Vanmoof Electrified have well thought of proposing oneelectric bikewithIntegrated GPSso as to function as"Natural repellent"anti-thief.

The GPS tracking integrated helps the cyclist to find the bicycle in case of theft or loss. Vanmoof Electrified is the first bicycle in the world to employ this technology integrated directly into the frame.

Vanmoof Electrified is one electric bike: a small electric motor was mounted on the front wheel while the electricity accumulator was integrated into the frame. Thanks to assisted pedaling the electric bike is able to accompany the rider around urban centers without tiring too much on long journeys and uphill.

Battery autonomy and all other specifications of the electric bike they are controlled with the intelligent interface located on the dashboard integrated into the steering wheel. For its innovations, the electric bicycle Vanmoof Electrfied with integrated GPS Traking was named electric bicycle of the year 2014, winning the title "E-bike of the Year 2014" awarded by the cycling organization RAI.

The lighting of the bicycle is guaranteed by a front LED and a rear light. The front light offers a power of 40 lux. To ensure an essential style, the producers have decided to use a single material to create an anodized aluminum frame that bears the Vanmoof brand engraving on the central tube.

The user can customize the bicycle with a series of accessories. Baskets, child seats, rear luggage racks and other modular solutions to make the bicycle more suitable for transporting materials.

Vanmoof's designers have concentrated their efforts to produce a bicycle that can help the citizen to move around the city very quickly but without sacrificing style and above all without too much effort.

There electric bicycle Vanmoof Electrified can already be pre-ordered. It will debut on the market - also in Italy - starting from 1 July 2014. The sale price has already been announced: the bike it will cost 2,248 euros!

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