How to do a camping, starting the business

How to do a camping, starting the business

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With this guide entitled How to make a camping, we will explain like opening a campsite, like, that is to boot an activity from camping manager. Those looking for news for campers can draw from our extensive information database dedicated to novice campers and those already experienced:

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How to camp: everything you need to know to start a camping manager business, from bureaucratic questions to the practical part.

When is it convenient to open a campsite?
Before you see like opening a campsite, we will see when it is convenient to open one. A landowner who already owns a fairly large plot of land and above all located in a place of tourist interest, can to boot an activity as a campsite manager, reducing investments to a minimum.

How to camp, the foreplay
Before starting, it is necessary to carry out some checks at the technical office of the Municipality where the place to be converted is located pitch for campers. The application must be accompanied by a series of documents listed in Article 5 of Regional Law no. 54 of 31.08.1979 "Discipline of outdoor accommodation complexes“.

When the technical office has given the "permission“, It will be necessary to present a second application to the Municipality. This time it will be the application for authorization for the operation and can be carried out once the works (soil preparation, six toilets ...) are completed.

How to camp, structure
Still in the context of the regional law 5.12.1977 "Protection and use of the land", in Article 6, all the technical and sanitary requirements that will have to characterize the open-air accommodation to be opened are specified. Toopen a campsiteit will be necessary to comply with the mandatory minimum quality standards.

At this point it will be possible to make the second concession to the Municipality by requesting the authorization for operation. The municipality could carry out inspections and only after having conducted all the appropriate checks issue the authorization which must be renewed from year to year.

How to camp, the obligations of the owner
Once the activity has started, the owner (or a representative) of the facility must ensure continuous custody of the campsite and therefore be present and supervise the tourist accommodation facility. In other words… guests should never be left alone.

The owner is obliged to communicate the rates by 1 October of each year to the Local Tourist Agency and by 1 January of each year, also to the Municipality. By March 1st of each year it is possible to make changes to the prices that will be applied in the second semester until December 31st. The owner is obliged to display the current rates on signs (for example behind the reception door, behind the door of bungalows or chalets ....).

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