How to grind flax seeds

How to grind flax seeds

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THE flax seed they represent a real natural concentrate of micro nutrients; they also have a very high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids which make them one of the most valid plant sources of omega 3: a tablespoon of flax seeds contains about 1.7 grams. For further information | The beneficial and healthy properties of flax seeds

How to grind flax seeds, why grind them
Flax seeds have a high content of lignin and other compounds typical of the plant cell, therefore it can happen that they pass through the intestine, avoiding their absorption. Since the human body does not have the "skills" (enzymes) necessary to "dissolve" (digest) all the components of the plant cell, it becomes necessary to grind flax seeds to make the nutrients contained in them bioavailable.

How to grind flax seeds, the directions
Flax seeds are also available already ground, however it is better to buy them whole and then grind them just before ingestion.
Various kits are sold on the market for grinding flax seeds; you can find them in housewares stores or shopping centers, household department: they do not have a high cost, around 10 euros.
as an alternative to the grinder, it is possible to grind flax seeds, using the classic coffee or pepper grinder. Another option is the use of a "magic bullet" or other food processors that act as mini-blenders.

How to grind flax seeds, use
Once ground, flax seeds can be taken for breakfast, yogurt or lunch, adding them to vegetable broth or vegetable-based soups. Furthermore, ground flax seeds can be added to pizza and focaccia dough but also to desserts such as muffins or cupcakes.

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