Drinking bowl for chickens with DIY

Drinking bowl for chickens with DIY

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A DIY chicken drinking trough it can be built in many ways, more or less complex. A drinking trough for hens ready to use, it can be purchased for a few euros when it comes to quenching the thirst of a small group of gallinelle (a drinking trough a siphon with a capacity of 5 liters costs about 5 euros), the price goes up when you want to buy a drinking trough for the entire chicken coop: a drinking trough A chicken and hen tank with a capacity of 30 liters can be purchased for around 20 euros.

DIY chicken drinker, pros and cons
Before explaining how to build a drinking trough let's see the pros and cons of the do-it-yourself. The advantages are immediate: the purchase costs are eliminated since a DIY chicken drinking trough it can be built with buckets, saucers, bottles, plastics and other materials that are easily recoverable in the garden.

Usually, anyone who wants to build a chicken trough never thinks about the disadvantages: do-it-yourself troughs are usually very difficult to clean and manage. Of course, there are as many models on the market that do not guarantee a high hygienic standard but if you choose well, you will save a lot of time in terms of maintenance.

A valid alternative to theDo-it-yourself is given bydrinking trough for hens template Spain. It is a drinkable automatic which has a connection to a pipe (tank or source) so as to always provide the hens with clean water, without stagnation and without the need for continuous maintenance. The price of this drinker is less than 10 euros, but varies greatly depending on the materials used, the height of the margins and the manufacturer's warranty.

L'drinking trough the Spanish style should not be confused with drinking bottles that integrate a hook for bottles and cans that act as tanks ... this is what you can easily reproduce with the do-it-yourself.

To build a DIY chicken drinking trough a saucer and a bottle with a capacity of at least 2 liters will suffice, as an alternative to the plastic bottle it would be advantageous to use a large glass jar. If the saucer is large enough, a small bucket can be used as a tank. It is important that the circumference of the opening of the tank (bottle, bucket or jar) is far less than the width of the saucer.

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