Healthy nutrition: our tips

Healthy nutrition: our tips

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L'healthy eating it must be everyone's goal to stay healthy and live better. Following some targeted measures can have positive effects in a short time and without having to make drastic changes to your diet.

Small and gradual changes are sufficient to have asupply more balanced and tasty at the same time. I am not referring to particular or special diets… .. there are many schools that favor this or that group of foods! These are simple tricks that we can all put into practice without difficulty. Here are the most important points to respect in order to follow ahealthy eating.

Healthy nutrition, organic food
Following an organic diet means following a healthy lifestyle as organic foods are free of toxic substances and rich in nutrients (vitamins and minerals) that are quickly absorbed by our body. Organic foods help the body eliminate toxins in the circulation faster, bringing benefits to the entire body. Preferably eat fresh food and seasonal vegetables.

TOhealthy eating, no ready-made foods
Do you know the ingredients in prepackaged products? Artificial flavors, colors and preservatives such as E-220, E-221, E-235 etc. are additives necessary to preserve the product, but which our body would gladly do without!

Healthy nutrition, little meat
Meat, especially red meat, should be eaten a maximum of 2 times a week. Why not opt ​​for vegetarian dishes?
Eating meat for many of us has become a habit, among other things rather expensive, while there are so many alternative foods.

Healthy nutrition, sugar
We find sugar everywhere, from food to drinks with the aim of making the product tastier. Sugar is a caloric food and therefore an "enemy of diets".
Let's maybe try drinking a tea by replacing the sugar with a little honey, which is much healthier.

Healthy nutrition, whole foods
Did you know that whole foods contain more fiber than products with type 00 flour? They also have more protective substances including vitamins, especially those of group B, and minerals such as iron and calcium. The extra wholemeal is less caloric than the refined product.

Healthy nutrition, fruit juices
Packaged fruit juices usually contain a lot of sugar and low percentages of fruit. Whenever possible, opt for a nice homemade fruit juice, with a juicer or a centrifuge. Pure fruit juice is healthier, has a richer flavor and contains no dyes and preservatives.

Other indications?
Do not consume the sweetest and most sugary fruit at the end of a meal.
Drink mainly water, in good quantity and avoid alcohol.
Chew your food well, without rushing.
Avoid smoking.

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