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Zero impact cycling: the Gran Fondo Città della Spezia

Zero impact cycling: the Gran Fondo Città della Spezia

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Cycling a zero impact, almost. This is the goal of the Gran Fondo Città della Spezia, the first cycling event to undergo the Council for Responsible Sport Certification and, if all aspects of the competition pass the exam (but only in this case), to become the first bicycle race in the world certified for environmental quality.

The event organized by the Tarros Sports Group is scheduled for April 6 and certification is entrusted to the Italian Institute of the IMQ Quality Mark as delegated by the CRSC. The outcome of the checks will be known in May. Italy could thus become the first country in the world to host a cycling event a zero impact.

The interesting thing is that for the first time a cycling event sets the goal of sustainability andzero impact, along with that of popularity. Everyone will be involved in the goal of green cycling: organizers, sponsors, athletes and spectators.

The aspects under consideration of the Gran Fondo will be mainly four: reduction of waste, waste, emissions and zero impact. We will try to keep them under control by intervening: on the sustainability of all the materials used, on the possibility of reuse of the structures, on the ecology of the products distributed and on transport activities.

However, since the Council for Responsible Sport Certification speaks of 'responsibility' for sporting events as well as zero impact, the training activities surrounding the event will be curated and analyzed - which must have the purpose of improving the lifestyle and consumption of the territory - the involvement of ethnic and social minorities and the redistribution in the form of donation of edible products.

In short, the objectives of the 2014 edition of the Gran Fondo Città della Spezia are to be a zero impact for the environment and a value for the territory in which it takes place. In practice, the activities already planned concern: the elimination of promotional paper flyers, the attention to waste collection and the increase in separate collection and composting (with the help of the local company Acam Ambiente), the calculation of the water and carbon footprint of the event, the exclusive use of public water to be distributed in biodegradable glasses, and the adoption of a green procurement policy attentive to the environment and local supplies. Appointment on 6 April at the Gran Fondo Città della Spezia.

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