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How to eliminate thermal bridges

How to eliminate thermal bridges

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Before you understand how to eliminate thermal bridges, let's see what it is. THEthermal bridgesrepresent areas in which an exchange of flow occurs and a consequent increase in temperature dispersion, the most classic example ofthermal bridgein the home it is given by the intersection of two walls but also by windows and by the meeting of construction elements of different materials.

Eliminate thermal bridgesmeans drastically reducing the risk of mold: withelimination of thermal bridgesthere will be a reduction in heat dispersion and a reduction in the risk of mold on internal plasters thanks to the reduction of the risk of condensation.

How to eliminate thermal bridges, external insulation
Exterior insulation can be achieved in different ways such as the application of insulating plates or more simply by covering the wall with adequate thicknesses of thermo-plaster. Exterior insulation would seem the most effective method foreliminate thermal bridgeseven if there are more drastic solutions.

How to eliminate thermal bridges,the renovations
Who has to renovate the house caneliminate thermal bridgeswith a more drastic intervention consisting in the demolition of the building part that serves asthermal bridgeso as to provide for the correct renovation. This system is recommended foreliminate thermal bridgescreated by protrusions, balconies or overhangs, where an intervention with thethermal coatit is ineffective.

How to eliminate thermal bridges, Windows
If thethermal bridgeconcerns the windows, solutions can be used to mitigate the effects ofthermal bridges. Among the various solutions proposed by the energy efficiency sector, we point out the thermal insulating glass, supported by structures with low thermal conductivity. In this context, the mildest remedy is given by special seals.

How to eliminate thermal bridges, the incentives
We remind you that the restructuring interventions that provide for an energy redevelopment of the building have a deduction surplus of 15%, in other words, thanks to the Ecobonus, you can access a tax relief on the expenditure incurred for the intervention of 65%.

How to eliminate thermal bridges, the most efficient materials
When it comes tothermal insulationthe so-called "U factor ". The U factor represents the thermal transmittance which expresses the amount of heat that in the unit of time can pass through a surface element of 1 square meter in the presence of a temperature difference of one degree between the inside and the outside. In other words, in Factor U it represents the complex of thermal exchanges between the external surface of a wall and the internal one. Plus theU factorof a material is high the less suitable that material will be for construction use, on the contrary, the lower the U value and the greater itsthermal insulation.

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