All the secrets of Stencil Decoration

All the secrets of Stencil Decoration

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There decoration with stencil it can be useful in many areas: to brighten up home furnishings, to decorate a glass surface or to pack very original gifts. That of stencil is a technique that allows you to reproduce the same shapes, symbols or letters already made using a mask. There "mask", or stencil, is a particular cutout made on various supports: so we have stencil on cardboard, on plexiglass, on foils or other glossy surfaces.

Decoration with Stencil, the support of the masks
As stated, the support that houses the cutout (the shape to be reproduced) can be either rigid or flexible. Flexible support comes in handy in the case of decorations with stencils of pots, cars or other rounded surfaces, the rigid stand can be very convenient for decorations with stencils on walls, cabinets, mirrors and other flat surfaces. In any case, we recommend the use of a glossy support so that it can be cleaned after each "brushstroke " or "splash of color ". This is advice gold especially when it means decorate with stencil using different colors.

Decoration with Stencil, make a template
On the market you can find a large quantity of masks but the most demanding can provide to create one independently stencil according to your tastes. Creating a stencil mask is not difficult at all, you will need easy-to-find materials such as drawing sheets, pencils, pens, pens, erasers, tape, cutter and alcohol. The entire procedure that explains how to build a stencil template has already been covered by our editorial team and accompanied by a very clear video guide.

Decoration with Stencil, the glass
To decorate the glass, usually, the etching technique is used; to make glass decoration affordable for everyone, it is possible to use stencil. There decoration with stencil on glass it can be done with the classic oil colors for glossy surfaces or with a more professional technique that involves the use of sour cream; in this case, you need one for the application stencil, acid cream for acid etching, brushes to remove the cream for acid etching, ammonia to clean the glass, spatula to apply the acid cream and gloves. Here are the instructions for decorating glass with stencils.

Decoration with Stencil, the basic rules

  1. Before applying the stencil, clean the surface thoroughly, dry and make sure there is no dust
  2. Apply the stencil in place with masking tape (easy to remove when finished)
  3. Dip the brush in the paint but not too much to transfer it to the support through the stencil windows, starting from the edge of the decoration going towards the center.
  4. After you have tinted all tinted windows, let them dry
  5. Then remove the spencil and place it in a new position to continue the decoration

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