Hydrogen car

Hydrogen car

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From the exhaust gas pipe of ahydrogen car only steam comes out. The hydrogen car they use this gas as fuel: i hydrogen vehicles convert the chemical energy of hydrogen into mechanical energy. L'hydrogen it is burned in an internal combustion engine or, alternatively, by reacting it with oxygen in one "Fuel cell" as it happens in Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle, where thehydrogen it is used to produce electricity to power an electric motor.

Failure to disseminate hydrogen car would seem to be linked only in part to the production costs of the cars, the real difficulty would seem to derive from the problems related to hydrogen storage. Storing hydrogen is by no means a simple task. Another difficulty lies in the production ofhydrogen, a very energy-intensive process: on Earth, thehydrogen, it is not found free in nature. This energy vector is produced from water, methane or other fossil fuels (in-depth study: Energy from Hydrogen).


Despite these difficulties, the transport sector has a number of hydrogen vehicles, not only Automobiles but also buses, trains, bicycles, boats and motorcycles. The energy potential ofhydrogen in the transport sector it is obvious when you think that NASA uses thehydrogen to launch the Space Shuttles into space. Returning to talk about car, there is no lack of numerous prototypes and some series models. The estimated number of hydrogen powered vehicles in the United States, it was 200 as of October 2009, most of it in California.


Hydrogen car, the models

  • Toyota FCV
    Already tested, on the market since 2015.
  • Sequel
    A'car powered by fuel cells manufactured by General Motors. We probably won't see others hydrogen car GM for a long time: Starting in October 2009, General Motors CEO Fritz Henderson noted that the automaker reduced its hydrogen program because the cost of building hydrogen car it was too high.
  • Aston Martin Rapide S, conquered the public in May 2013. The car is equipped with four carbon fiber tanks capable of holding 3.5 kg of hydrogen at a pressure of 350 bar
  • Ford Edge, the hydrogen-electric hybrid concept car
  • Honda FCX Clarity
    Available in the USA, Japan and some European countries. With 1.5 kg of fuel produced by the hydrogen station, thehydrogen car Honda Clarity FCX (pictured above) is able to travel 150 km with zero CO2 emissions. The first hydrogen car Honda was introduced in 2007 and reached commercialization in November 2008 in Japan. The car is available on lease only. Honda said it could start mass production of thehydrogen car FCX by 2020.


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