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Wind energy in Italy

Wind energy in Italy

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L'wind energy in Italy is far from the European average, just think that Italian wind farms provide 7% of national electricity consumption, a low percentage if we consider that the Danish wind sector ensures 27% of total electricity consumption while the German one comes to cover almost 30%.

L'Wind energy in Italy is going through a difficult period. According to what was stated by Massimo Derchi, CEO of Erg Renew, the main company engaged inwind power in Italy, Italy is an unattractive country forwind power so much so that the company looks to other markets.

As Massimo Derchi observed during the meeting promoted in Brussels by the world of renewables, "Italy should produce 12 GW of wind energy in 2020 while it now produces only 8; there is therefore still the possibility of plants, but the climate is not conducive to investments in our market, especially because the national regulatory framework but also at the European level must be certain to attract investments "- The maximum share of plants that can access the incentives, he added, "Is less than 500 megawatts per year while in previous years it was built for about one gigawatt per year. In addition, companies with insurance and non-banking policy guarantees are also admitted to tenders, which also encourage operators who will not build plants to participate and this causes uncertainty in the awards, doubling requests ".

Thus, Erg Renew, leader ofwind energy in Italy and among the top ten European producers of onshore wind, it moved to foreign markets such as French and German.

Wind energy in Italy, the situation of OffShore
When it comes to wind energy in Italy the situation is even worse if you look offshore. The potential is there but, according to the Ewea claims (European Wind Energy Association) the fault would be too much bureaucracy and inadequate rules that block the development ofoffshore wind. To date, thewind energy in Italy it counts, in the offshore sector, ZERO plants, despite the several miles of coastline. There is no lack of projects, first of all that of her Mediterranean Wind Offshore (Termomeccanica group), 136 MW in the Gela fold with 3.5 MW turbines. n Italy the best sea for offshore wind is the Tyrrhenian Sea but the Adriatic also offers suitable sites.

If in Italy the situation ofoffshore wind struggling to get started, in the rest of Europe there are already operational plants and ambitious projects under construction. An example of an offshore wind farm already installed is the London Array, the largest wind farm in the world, inaugurated in July together with Masfar and Dong Energy about 20 km off the coast of Kent and Essex in the United Kingdom. The London Array park consists of 175 turbines, each with a power of 3.6 MW for a total capacity of 640 MW. This park is able to meet the annual energy needs of nearly half a million households by cutting harmful emissions by 925,000 tons of CO2 per year.

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