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The Day of Sustainable Beauty

The Day of Sustainable Beauty

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Professional hair cutting and styling at zero price. Only a voluntary contribution to be paid by the customers, to be donated to the care of a growing forest in Madagascar. And the Sustainable Beauty Day, third official edition, scheduled Monday 3 March all over Italy. It is not a trivial matter: with the last edition 71 thousand euros were collected, all allocated for the creation of wooded areas in Italy and Madagascar.

Who is behind it? There Sustainable Beauty Day it is organized by Davines and it is in its salons, 300 in Italy, that on Monday 3 March it will be possible to cut and / or fold in the face of a voluntary payment. Also a gift for customers: a Davines shampoo produced with renewable energy and packaged in Zero Impact packaging which, icing on the cake, will be delivered in sustainable shopping bags made from old brochures.

In Sustainable Beauty Day LifeGate also has a hand with its Zero Impact project, the initiative that calculates, reduces and offsets the CO₂ emissions of products, services and events with the creation and protection of the world's forests. Davines is the first Italian company in the professional cosmetics sector to have signed Zero Impact.

Because? Those who adhere to the LifeGate Impato Zero project show attention to the theme of the Environment, and this is one point. In the case of the Davines salons, the focus is on the link between beauty and sustainability, to the point that beauty does not exist if it is not also sustainable. Hence, they tell us, the idea of ​​offering more and more people an experience of sustainable beauty. For themselves and for the planet.

Why Madagascar? This island is an example of biodiversity and as many as 80% of plant species do not exist in other parts of the world. Madagascar has a symbol, the baobab, a national tree, which for this reason has also become the symbol of Sustainable Beauty Day.

Life Gate's goal for this island, with the help of companies that adhere to Zero Impact - and initiatives similar to Sustainable Beauty Day - is the protection of 130 hectares of forest with forestry works, fire protection and protection of water sources.

The list of Davines salons that adhere to the Sustainable Beauty Day

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