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Standby consumption weighs on the bill

Standby consumption weighs on the bill

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How much do they weigh in the bill i standby consumption? Nobody can answer this question with certainty, yet the answer is crucial and weighs on consumers' pockets from bill to bill. Playstation and xbox, switched on or off, consume five times more than a refrigerator!

The biggest mistake related to standby consumption lies in the collective imagination: if a person does not use an appliance, then save! Unfortunately, there is nothing true in this: if a person does not use an appliance but this is "ready to use" (i.e. it is in standby), the user pays, and how if he pays. Washing machine, computers, televisions, microwaves, electric coffee makers, monitors, videogames ... these are all devices that make themselves felt in the bill because they are active 24 hours a day, even when "they do not serve". It is clear, to save on the bill you have to cut the standby consumption, but how?

The problem of standby consumption it is not only linked to bad habits and misinformation of users, it would seem that 30 percent of household electrical devices are not in accordance with the law. This is supported by a study conducted at European level by several universities (including the Politecnico di Milano), in partnership with Legambiente;

According to the survey cited, electrical equipment connected to the home network, even if turned off, consumes 11 percent of all the electricity we use during the year. The most energy-intensive appliances, even when switched off, are photocopiers, laser printers, digital TV decoders, routers for internet connection, televisions, espresso machines and above all video games that have consumption huge in standby.Leave the videogames on standby it can cost 250 euros a year.

Leaving the computer on 24 hours a day can cost 130 euros per year, to which another 20 must be added if the speakers are also left on and another 43 euros if the LCD monitor is not turned off. To avoid the consumption related to standby we recommend that you carefully read the energy label at the time of purchase so as to take home only appliances with energy class A + attributed in a year NOT prior to 2011. For the appliances we already have at home, all that remains is to buy a power strip with a switch : power strips with ON / OFF system cost around 5-8 euros, a minimum expense that gives us excellent savings.

Turning off appliances completely, without leaving them on standby, does not only mean consuming less and safeguarding the home economy. Turning off appliances completely avoids harmful emissions into the atmosphere: only by turning off the appliances when you are not using the internet, in Europe, it would be possible to save 3.5 million tons of CO2 emitted for the production of energy necessary to power the appliances.

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