How to strengthen hair, natural remedies

How to strengthen hair, natural remedies

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Vitamin deficiency, stress, poor nutrition can cause hair loss! It is not necessarily necessary to resort to an invasive remedy, fortunately there are many remedies for strengthen hair, fighting its fall. In this regard we will show you how to strengthen hair, using natural methods.

How to strengthen hair, useful tips

  • Choose a mild neutral shampoo
  • Avoid frequent washing
  • Avoid invasive treatments such as straightening, perms, coloring
  • Avoid using the straightener: if necessary, protect the hair with a thermo protective product based on linseed oil.

How to strengthen hair, nutrition
Nutrition is one of the best remedies and a source of prevention against hair loss. Biotin is one of these remedies: we find it in oats, sunflower seeds, rice, nuts, soy, green peas, foods rich in proteins that include soy milk and tofu.
Eggs, fish, yogurt, low-fat cheese and other foods rich in vitamins A, C and E are also effective against hair loss: foods rich in vitamin E are avocados, seeds, olive oil and nuts.

How to strengthen the hairi, DIY mask
The preparation

  1. Pour 200 ml of apple cider vinegar into an empty jar and add a few sprigs of sage
  2. Leave on for a week, shaking the jar once a day in order to expand the sage to the fullest
  3. After this time, dilute the solution by adding half a liter of water
  4. Finally add a few drops of linseed oil and mix.

The application

  1. Apply the DIY mixture to clean wet hair and leave on for 20 minutes
  2. Massage the scalp for a couple of minutes
  3. Rinse with lukewarm water without soaping

Do this once a week for two months. Before shampooing, it is preferable to apply a vegetable oil, such as jojoba oil or sesame oil to the skin, leaving it on for 5 minutes then proceed with applying the DIY mask

How to strengthen hair, henna packs
A natural remedy for hair loss is henna packs, d in its neutral non-coloring variety. To apply, simply mix the henna powder with warm water and an infusion of chamomile or green tea, to form a batter. Apply to the hair once it has cooled and leave on for at least an hour before shampooing. For a better result, it is preferable to wrap the hair in a cap and a warm towel during installation.

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