Car wash without water, how to proceed

Car wash without water, how to proceed

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The car wash without water, better known as "dry car wash“, It is a widespread practice both in the commercial sphere (there are many car washes that offer this procedure) and when it comes to“ do it yourself ”. In fact, among the shelves of supermarkets, there is no lack of products intended for car wash without water, have affordable prices and allow you to wash the car without flood the garage!

They call "car wash without water"But in reality the water is there, it is contained in the ecological detergents that must be applied to the car body. For wash the car by hand we consume, on average, 80 to 160 liters of water. The large waste of water has a significant environmental impact and can cause damage in the home: how many times, in wash the car, have we come to flood garages and streets?

Another positive aspect of the car wash without water but with special ecological cleaners it concerns the health of the bodywork: too often the chemical detergents and brushes used for car washing are too aggressive and end up ruining the much loved bodywork. The products marketed for the dry cleaning of the car they pride themselves on being rich innatural waxesand ecological soaps thanks to which they wash away the dirt, are able to polish the bodywork and create a protective film that can protect the car from dust. In other words, with the dry wash, L'carit is cleaned, polished and protected without wasting even a liter of water.

How to dry clean the car?

  • Purchase washing products without water
    On the market there are several products for dry cleaning of the car. The most popular have rather high prices (a 0.500 liter bottle costs more than 25 euros), the "anonymous" products have prices around 8-12 euros for a 0.600 liter spray bottle. The most demanding can combine the purchase of a basic detergent with an aqueous solution capable of removing the most difficult stains such as traces of tar.
  • Neither buckets nor hoses are needed, just get the spray bottle and a soft cloth.
  • Apply the spray to the car body
    - the ecological detergent, thanks to its formula, will stick to the bodywork softening the dirt and "lifting" it from the surface without scratching
  • Rub and polish with the cloth

Car wash without water, useful tips
For best results, it is best to use a cloth for the bodywork, one for the mirrors and windows, one for the wheels and another cloth for the plastic finishes.

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