Hybrid cars on the market, prices and photos from 2014

Hybrid cars on the market, prices and photos from 2014

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What are the hybrid cars on the market in Italy? When hybrid mobility is added to pure electric mobility, there are about 50 models on the market hybrid cars on the market in Italythere are about 30 of them. Here is an overview of the hybrid cars marketed, to date -February 2014-, in our country.

Audi A6 Hybrid
Price in euros from 58.990 euros
L'hybrid car 245 bhp that combines the 2.0 petrol turbo with a small electric engine

Audi Q5 Hybrid
The price starts at € 58,430. In all, it can count on the power of 245 hp.

Volvo V60 Hybrid Plug-in
The electric drive is located on the rear wheels and offers a power of 27 HP with peaks of 68 HP ready to add to the 2.4-liter turbocharged engine and five cylinders for a total of 283 HP.

BMW 5 Series ActiveHybrid
The price starts from 65,699 euros. The value for money is not bad if you consider that thishybrid car it costs as much as the BMW 535i xDrive and offers 55 hp more while consuming a third less fuel.

BMW 7 Series ActiveHybrid
The price ranges from 96,844 euros, the electric motor adds almost 50 hp to the petrol V8 with a surcharge of about 7%.

BMW 3 Series ActiveHybrid
The price starts from 56,312 euros. The hybrid has a total power of 300 hp. Acceleration is the same as seen on the 335i. The price is not bad if you consider that the performances are the same offered by the top of the range which has a price well above 60,000 euros.

Chevrolet Volt
The price starts from 39,815 euros. The petrol engine, a small 1.4 is activated only when the batteries of the electric motor are flat. The autonomy in electric only is about 60 km.

Hybrid cars Peugeot

  • Peugeot 508 RXH, price from 44,250 euros
  • Peugeot 508 Hybrid4, price from 39,000 euros
  • Peugeot 3008 Hybrid, price from 36,000 euros

Infiniti Q50
A'hybrid car sporty and luxurious. The price starts at 54,495 euros. The power is 364 horsepower, sprints from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.2 seconds!

Honda Jazz Hybrid
The price starts from 19,200 euros. The hybrid car allows you to travel 22.2 km with a liter.

Infiniti Q70 Hybrid
The price starts from 59,195 euros. The hybrid version adds 44 hp more.

Lexus GS Hybrid
The price starts at 49,500 euros. The GS in Italy is offered only in version hybrid where the two electric units are combined with a 223 hp 2.5 V6 for the GS Hybrid 300H version, or a 345 hp 3.5 heat engine for the more expensive 450H from 77,100 euros.

Lexus CT200H
The price starts at 30,200 euros, the technology is the same seen on the Toyota Prius but the bodywork is that of a gritty hatchback with strong and angular lines.

Lexus IS Hybrid
The price ranges from 37,900 euros and for finishes, comfort and equipment it is second to none. Performance is brilliant thanks to the combined use of a thermal and electric engine: 223 hp.

Lexus LS 600H
The price is not very accessible: it starts from 116,150 euros to reach the 151,500 of the top of the range. The power is 445 hp.

Lexus RX 450h
Beautiful and gritty, the RX SUV has a price starting at 59,750 euros. The V6 petrol engine is combined with two electric power units at the front and rear.

Mercedes E Hybrid
The price starts from 53,519 euros. The autonomy in electric only is almost nil, only one km, but the 20 kW electric engine is only a support of the 2.2 turbodiesel and manages to cut fuel consumption by allowing you to travel about 24 km with just one liter. Not bad for a car of this size.

Mercedes S400 Hybrid
The price starts from 100,392 euros. The electric motor develops around twenty horsepower which adding to the power output of the petrol V6 offers a total power of 306 hp.

Opel Ampera
Price from 40,220 euros

Hybrid mobility can count on the two Porsche Panamera E-hyv cars from 114,678 euros with 416 horsepower and consumption cut by 40% and the Cayenne Hybrid from 86,407 euros.

Citroen DS5 Hybrid4
The price starts at 39,450 euros. The car offers very interesting performances: a large crossover with the consumption of a city car. Thanks to the combined action of electric and thermal engines, the car is transformed into an integrated drive car. Extremely efficient: with just one liter you can travel 26.3 km.

Tesla Model S (pictured above)
The price starts at 72,600 euros to reach 110,950 euros for the top of the range. It is almost 5 meters long and three electric engines are added to the heat engine for a power of up to 416 hp.

Hybrid cars Toyota
Toyota offers several models of hybrid cars:

  • Toyota Yaris HSD, from 18,500 euros
  • Toyota Auris Hybrid, from 23,200 euros
  • Toyota Auris TS Hybrid, from 24,100 euros
  • Toyota Prius with the more spacious Toyota Prius Plus version

Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid
The price starts from 78,700 euros. It offers the same powertrain (heat engine + electric motor) seen on the Porsche Cayenne.


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