Electric scooters, between prices and models

Electric scooters, between prices and models

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On the market they are timidly spreading electric scooters and hybrids. The phenomenon of electric mobility should undergo a major surge like the spread of charging infrastructures: in this regard, the electric scooters as well as EV cars, they will be able to count on an allocation of 50 million euros for setting up infrastructures for charging electric vehicles.

The electric scooters they will be able to count on the creation of 90,000 distributors by 2016 which will become 130,000 in 2020. With the demand, also the proposals of the manufacturers increase. Among the various electric scooters already on the market and on the way out, we would like to point out a few.

Retro EVO electric scooter
Upon debut, the electric scooter EVO was priced at 2,400 euros in the basic version and 2,800 euros in that premium.

Electric scooter RELOAD
It is a light scooter, weighs only 85 kg and autonomy reaches up to 100 km depending on the version chosen. The cheaper version takes you home to the price of 4,850 euros.

Yamaha EC-03
The electric scooter The Yamaha EC-03 can be a winner when compared to a traditional 50cc motor: the engine is capable of delivering 9.6 Nm of torque, double the value available on a traditional 50cc petrol engine. The lively engine allows rapid acceleration (torque is available immediately) and the maximum speed is limited to 45 km / h.

Electric Scooter ME
It is made in Italy, it offers the same performance as the electric scooter Yamaha EC-03 but with a more attractive design. The look gets paid, in fact the ME electric scooter has prices much saltier than the older EC-03, the price purchase price is around 3,670 euros.

E-Speed ​​KTM
Not yet on the market but rumors say that a series version could arrive by 2015. Lo electric scooter E-Spped presented by KTM in Tokyo, is capable of reaching a speed of about 85 km / h.

BMW C-Evolution
On the market since March 2014. Lo electric scooter, indeed, the electric maxiscooter has made a lot of talk about itself. Extremely expensive? Maybe the price it is around 15,750 euros.

Hybrid scooters
Vega Hybrid 50 - sold to the public at a price of 2,970 euros
Vega Hybrid 125 - sold to the public at a price of 3,390 euros
Perseo Hybrid 150 - sold to the public at a price of 3,790 euros
Also there Piaggio has its own hybrid scooter. This is the Mp3 Hybrid model that sports the ultra-modern 300 cc engine with brilliant performance in terms of shooting and speed and with acceleration comparable to that of a 400 cc. thermal. Here we go a little over budget, it hybrid scooter Piaggio Mp3 300ie costs 7,990 euros.

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