Me electric scooter: price and features

Me electric scooter: price and features

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Is called Myself and it is electric scooter approved for two people, rider and passenger. Like all electric scooters also Myself it is exempt from road tax, can access the Limited Traffic Zones (ZTL) and has a 50% discount on TPL.

We have already talked about the characteristics of the electric scooter Me, in short, the technical sheet sees:

  • the electric scooter ME it is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 70 km / h, limited by law to 45 km / h on the road.
  • The power ranges from 1800 to 3000 watts.
  • The range changes according to the chosen model, from 70 km up to 100 km with lithium-ion batteries. Both battery packs allow 700 charging cycles.
  • The electric scooter ME it weighs only 75 kg including batteries.
  • The price is around 3,670 euros

ME electric scooter, the frame
The electric scooter ME is equipped with a SMC frame (Sheet Molding Compound), a composite material that has no metal parts but offers excellent resistance and maximum driving comfort. To make the frame more robust, thermosetting resins have been added, made in full respect of the environment and able to be recycled.

ME electric scooter, who produces it?
Another interesting detail of the electric scooter ME is the origin: we are talking about a vehicle made in Italy, born in Italy since the project. The electric scooter ME was born from the union of the efforts of very Italian companies: Motorini Zanini S.r.l, GSI S.p.A., VE&D Engineering and Design S.r.l and ROSSA di Clerici & Associati S.r.l.

ME electric scooter, price
The price is around 3,670 euros, it may seem like a price a little high for one scooter with performance comparable to that of a 50 cc motor. but not only are the technologies used incomparable, the operating prices and functions are also different.

A 49cc Honda NSC 50R is proposed at price of about 2,300 euros, over 1,000 euros less but it will be necessary to add the management costs that include the ownership tax (in most Italian regions the stamp duty on electric scooters you do not pay) and the very high insurance (salty for thermal scooters at 50cc but discounted at 50% for electric scooters how MYSELF). As for the management costs in fuel expenses, we will again take the Honda NSC50R as an example. The 50cc Honda scooter covers 49 km per liter on the medium cycle, which corresponds to a range of approximately 269 km with a 5.5 liter tank of fuel. A full tank of petrol costs 10 euros. A full electric of the electric scooter ME it can cost around 2.30 euros, so with 10 euros of electric fuel you can travel about 435 km.

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