Repotting succulents, the procedure step by step

Repotting succulents, the procedure step by step

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In the article "How to decant succulents " we have seen what type of soil to choose, how to calculate the size of the new pot and when is the right time for it repot the succulents.In the guide that follows we will see the procedure, step by step, for repot succulent plants as indicated and in full compliance with the needs offat plants.

How to repot succulents, step by step

  1. Parade the fat plant from jar (in the case of thorns, read the next paragraph)
  2. Put the fat plant on a shelf and gently remove, with your fingers, most of the old soil. Many portals recommend removing the soil with a brush but this can also be done with your fingers, just be careful not to break the roots.
  3. Check the state of health of the root system:
    • if the roots show the presence of parasites (for example, scale insects) soak them in a solution of alcohol and water at 50%, just soak the roots for a few seconds.
    • if roots or stems have parts that are too woody or dead, remove them with a cutter and dust the “fresh” part (just cut) with fungicidal powder.
  4. Before proceeding with the repotting of the succulent plant, it will be necessary to leave the plant ad to dry for five days. The plant must be placed in a shady and ventilated place so that the lesions can heal better.
  5. To complete the operation of repotting, insert a few handfuls of soil into the new one jarand lay down the plant.
  6. When adding potting soil, make sure the collar (the root entry point on the stem) is at the same level as it was in the old pot. Add soil to surround the roots.
  7. To prevent a gap from forming between the walls of the pot and the roots, you can press the soil with the help of a wooden stick.
  8. After repotting of the succulent do not water the fat plant for at least 7-10 days.

How to repot succulents, protect yourself from thorns
In repot succulent plantscharacterized by thorns, it is better to wear carpenter's gloves (very thick and resistant) and wrap the base and the thorny part of the plant with sheets of newspaper folded several times to form a sort of protective band. This will make it possible remove the succulent plant out of the jar in complete safety.

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