How to eliminate squeaks

How to eliminate squeaks

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In this article we will cover chow to eliminate squeaks, those little noises that in the long run become very annoying. THE squeaks they can manifest themselves in different contexts a classic example is represented by the hinges of the doors, of the windows that make friction on the underlying surface. But it can be the door of a piece of furniture in the kitchen: in this case the problem is the hinges that should be lubricated. Of course, they are often trivial squeaks that can be solved precisely with a simple lubrication .... however, it is not always enough! Let's see in detail how to eliminate squeaks following some useful indications.

How to eliminate squeaks, lubrication
The brico center stores have entire compartments dedicated to lubricants, however they prove to be harmful to the environment. Olive oil is a completely effective natural alternative: for application, just carefully clean the hinges with a cotton swab well soaked in a solution of olive oil and beeswax.
More problematic is the application of oil, if the problem concerns doors and windows. In this case, you must:

  • remove the door, the window from the hinges
  • sprinkle the inside of the hinge and the hinge pin with the DIY lubricant, being careful not to add too much to avoid dripping.

For this operation, the intervention of two people is recommended: whoever lifts is difficult to be precise enough to put the door or window back on its hinges.

How to eliminate squeaks, inserting shims
What if the hinges were not the origin of the problem of squeaks?
Over time, interior doors and windows tend to create interference between the frame and the surface: more than squeaks, they are actually creaks. In this case it is necessary to proceed by applying a thickness on the hinge of the door or window: the structure will be more raised from the ground and will not go against the horizontal surface below.
Also in this, the structure in question must be removed, but not only: once removed, you will have to measure the diameter of the hinge pin and then go to the nearest hardware store or brico center to purchase the thickness of the correct diameter.
In general, very common washers are enough and must be taken with a very low thickness. In this case it will be easier to manage the thickness and possibly add more.

Pay attention to the thickness: if it is too high, there is a risk of interference between the door and its frame, this would prevent the door from closing, causing even worse problems… ..other than a creak!

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