Yamaha EC-03, the electric scooter

Yamaha EC-03, the electric scooter

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Is called Yamaha EC-03 and it is the electric vehicle of the Japanese company that has aprice price list of 2,490 euros, not bad if you consider that the price of the ME electric scooter, an Italian competitor, counts approximately 1,000 euros more.

It is difficult to offer you one review of the Yamaha electric scooter never having guided it in first person, we can however offer you the opinions collected between forums and blogs: from launch to today there have been road tests and test drive.

Yamaha EC-03, easy to drive
In fact, the vehicle Yamaha electric EC-03 is halfway between a pedal assisted bicycle and a real one electric scooter, this not for the performance of the ride but for the dimensions.

Looking at it, the vehicle Yamaha electric EC-03 vaguely recalls the good old Si moped. It is lean and essential so that its weight does not exceed 56 kg (even my mother can drive it without problems!); has 12-inch wheels paired with drum brakes. It is 1,565 mm long, 990 mm high and has a wheelbase of 1,080 mm. It is easy to assemble as the saddle is only 745 mm from the ground.

Those who need to carry objects can rely on a practical hook placed under the saddle and those who just can't do without it, as an option, can choose an 18-liter soft bag.

The Yamaha EC-03, to power its small electric engine, it can count on a 50 V Sanyo battery pack, the lithium-ion battery can be easily recharged from the electrical outlet at home in 7 hours. The times drop to 2 hours if you use the fast charging mode. The battery offers a range of about 46 kilometers.

For its performance, it Yamaha EC-03 electric scooter it can be a winner when compared to a traditional 50cc motor: the engine is capable of delivering 9.6 Nm of torque, double the value available on a traditional 50cc petrol engine. The lively engine allows rapid acceleration (torque is available immediately) and the maximum speed is limited to 45 km / h.

It is worth buying the electric scooter Yamaha EC-03?
On balance, if you compare the expense of a scooter with a heat engine, to that of a Yamaha EC-03, the economic advantages are not lacking. The battery, which has a weight of 6.8 kg, has a declared maximum life of 8 years or 900 recharges, which should allow you to travel around 30,000 km.

A 49cc Honda NSC50R is priced at around 2,300 euros; management costs must be added to the purchase price: ownership tax, liability insurance, fuel costs ... In most Italian regions, the stamp on electric scooters as the Yamaha EC-03 you do not pay and the liability insurance is discounted at 50% for electric scooters. Considering the price of gasoline and that of electricity, economically speaking, the needle leans in favor of Yamaha EC-03 electric scooter.

Those who want to focus on electric mobility but want more powerful engines (without exaggerating!), Can take a look at KTM's electric motorcycles.

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