Outlander PHEV, the hybrid that stands out

Outlander PHEV, the hybrid that stands out

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Mitsubishi Outlander Phev or Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle, for friendsHybrid Outlander, captured international attention at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, making its debut as the first SUV equipped with propulsion hybrid.

Hybrid Outlander, the engines
There Mitsubishi Outlander hybrid does not go unnoticed: it is 4.66 meters long and its system hybrid it consists of two 60 kW electric motors, the rear with 195 Nm of torque and the front with 137 Nm of torque immediately available. The electric motors are flanked by a 121 hp 2-liter petrol front-wheel drive with multi-plate clutch in an oil bath without the interposition of any gearbox.

Hybrid Outlander, battery
The electric motors can count on an 80-cell lithium-ion battery pack grouped in 8 modules of 10; the storage unit weighs 200 kg and operates at 300 volts, the weight is well distributed on the two axles with 55% on the front and 45% on the rear, the battery is positioned under the floor.

Hybrid Outlander, charging times
The storage unit capacity is 12 kWh, enough to guarantee a zero emission range of 52 km with a maximum speed of 120 km / h. The battery is recharged in 5 hours from a 10 Ampere domestic socket, in 3 hours from a 16 Ampere public column and from fast charging to 80% in just 30 minutes.

Hybrid Outlander, plug-in
The SUV debuts on the market in an electric capacity but without going through thehybrid “Simple”, immediately wears the clothes of plug-in with a hybrid system that can work both in series and in parallel as happens with Toyota, the only difference is in the scheme: thehybrid outlander it is essentially an electric car with permanent all-wheel drive without a prop shaft with a 60% torque distribution on the front wheels but thanks to its technology it can change according to the grip conditions.

The 4WD Lock button simulates the locking of the center differential. The 2-liter thermal engine acts as a generator for recharging when the battery level is around 25-30% up to 120 km / h while it pushes in parallel beyond this threshold by modulating its action through the clutch. It intervenes in any case when the power required by the driver exceeds 60 kW. There are two modes for the recovery in release with 6 levels that can be modulated through the paddles positioned behind the steering wheel that virtually shift down.

Hybrid Outlander, the consumption
The special driving modes are the Save, which aims to maintain the energy of the storage units so as to drive in electric-only mode in restricted traffic areas. With the Charge driving mode, the battery pack is recharged up to 80% in 40 minutes away from any outlet: 3 liters of petrol are used and recharging can take place both when stationary and while driving. The official data ofOutlander PHEVthey see record consumption: 1.9 liters / 100 km equal to 44 g / km of CO2 with a self-limited maximum speed of 170 km / h, as regards acceleration, the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h is covered within 11 seconds flat.

Hybrid Outlander, the price
There Outlander PHEV it is already a reality: 8,000 units were sold in the early days of the launch and 12,000 orders have already been received in Europe. The price for Italy it should be between 45,000 and 50,000 euros. For now, theOutlander PHEV it is marketed only in 4 countries of the old continent: Holland, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.

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