Zero S and Zero SR electric motorcycles

Zero S and Zero SR electric motorcycles

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There Zero S electric motorcycle is also renewed this year. For the 2014, the Californian electric motorcycle becomes even more aggressive: starting this year, motorcyclists have the opportunity to increase the power of the Zero S electric motorcycle, thus the configuration "R ". Maximum autonomy also increases.

There Zero S electric motorcycle “R” offers 56% more torque and 24% more power. There Zero SR thus it manages to exceed 160 km / h speed without putting too much pressure on the electric motor. Thanks to its electric powertrain and technology zero shifting Direct drive, you can whiz on asphalt without any mechanical cooling system: the tail section houses the motor controller with a bold and elegantly designed heat sink.


The aesthetics also change and with it improves the riding experience: the front of the bike is equipped with a fork increased by 43 millimeters; improvements also to the triple clamps which now integrate perfectly with the surrounding components. There Zero S electric motorcycle it also grows in height with the saddle rising an inch off the ground. It increases the torsional stiffness of the frame and also strengthens the frame. Other improvements have been made to the suspension to offer a more comfortable ride. Touches have been made to the braking system which is now more ready: it offers more power and stopping control. The fairing has also been redesigned with a perfectly integrated dashboard.

There Zero S electric motorcycle, in its R configuration, manages to cover the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.3 seconds.

There Zero S, together with Zero SR, are two models in the range of electric motorcycles proposed by the house Zero Motorcycles. Already in 2013 the Zero S electric motorcycle he could travel 220 km on a single charge. The range of electric motorcycles drops in proportion to the power delivered to the engine: the more you push the accelerator, the less range you will have. Thus, the tests of past models have already seen that on the motorway the range of the electric motorcycle dropped to 137 km traveled at a constant speed of 88 km / h and still to 113 km of autonomy if traveled at 112 km / h. With the changes of this 2014, the maximum range has increased, moreover, motorists have the opportunity to increase the battery power with an aftermarket modification recommended by the manufacturer itself Zero motorcycles.


The price? It starts from 13,995 euros for the entry model of the Zero S.

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