Solar powered prototypes

Solar powered prototypes

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The renewables sector is experiencing a real boom "innovative“, So continue to increase solar-powered prototypes which embody the concept of technological revolution. L'innovation it is a very common philosophy among the designers who develop solar-powered prototypes so much so that in the prototyping sector, cars that work only thanks to solar cells are now a standard!

Solar powered prototypes, vehicles
There are many prototypes by car to solar power, some are distinguished by speed, others by efficiency and still others by autonomy. In this direction, the next step is to develop production processes that are cheap enough to transform prototypes into a product for the masses. Among the various solar-powered prototypes we would like to point out Stella, a car in all respects. In Italy, the Politecnico di Milano stood out for presenting to the world Apollo, a solar powered prototype famous for setting a new record in terms of efficiency: Apollo is capable of covering 1,108 kilometers with only one kWh of energy: if this vehicle were powered by petrol, with only one liter, it would be capable of covering more than 9,700 kilometers!

When we talk about vehicles we are not just referring to those that move by land: the skies can rely on Solar Impulse, the first prototypeof airplane a solar power, always in the sky there are very particular single-seater helicopters with solvent energy. To cross the waters of the globe is the solar powered prototype Turanor, also landed in the port of Cagliari after a long tour.

Solar powered prototypes, the development of energy
In an energy-hungry context like the current one, i solar-powered prototypes that aim at producing electricity could help us overcome the impending energy crisis. As with solar-powered vehicles, there are countless prototypes that start producing electricity by exploiting the sun. Many simply exploit photovoltaic modules, others are able to take advantage of the sun with other mechanisms, for example, they use the sun to tear the hydrogen molecule from the water for the production of energy in the form of hydrogen.

Solar powered prototypes, for the development of the Third World
Many designers, thinking of developing countries, have started the production of solar-powered prototypes capable of lighting, heating, feeding, purifying or producing water. At this juncture we point out the project of the Italian start-up Solwa. Solwa has managed to create an instrument capable of purifying polluted (or salt) water, using only the sun's radiation.

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