BMW i3. Price, features and defects

BMW i3. Price, features and defects

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There BMW i3 it is equipped with a three-phase electric motor and a lithium-ion battery that has gods with the domestic socket charging times about 10 hours.

ThereBMW i3takes you home to the price of 36,499 euros; the price it is justified by the electrical components but above all by the production technologies: the structure is in carbon fiber and aluminum, the body in shockproof plastic and the electric power unit is 170 HP.

BMW i3, features

  • Acceleration
    The response to acceleration appears to be instantaneous and vigorous, thanks to the electric motor with a maximum torque of 250 Nm available immediately. The sprint from 0 to 100 km / h is covered in 7.2 seconds, a remarkable value for an electric city car.
  • Speed
    The maximum speed of the Bmwi3 is 150 km / h which can be reached very quickly. The only drawback is that as the speed increases, theautonomy.
  • Autonomy
    L'autonomy declared by BMW i3 is 190 km with a single charge but it seems that this homologation figure is too much "generous" and "optimistic". The road tests see a 'autonomy about 100-120 km. Who wants more autonomy can choose the version "Range Extender " which incorporates two petrol cylinders in the car that will not power a thermal engine, rather they will act as a power supply for the lithium-ion batteries. The Range Extender is an optional since price of 4,638 euros.
  • Charging times
    With the classic domestic sockets, the BMW i3 it recharges (better during the night when the cost of electricity is lower) within 10 hours. While if you choose a control unit to be mounted in the garage, the times are halved, but the price it grows by another 1,633 euros.
  • The cockpit
    The interiors of the BMW i3 they are modern, technological and unmistakable. The car immediately appears very personal. The idea of ​​the gearbox disappears completely in the passenger compartment, replaced by an angular lever which, connected to the steering column, allows you to choose between forward and reverse gear. On board the BMW i3 there are two displays: one behind the steering wheel that shows all the cruising info (speed, range ...), the other is central and reaches 10.2 ″ in the most expensive version. The navigator can be bought as an option with 2,067 euros but it is free for those who buy one BMW i3 which was produced by February 2014.

Those details that don't add up
In the photos found on the net, two fog lights stand out in the large front. Going to the car shows BMW, we find models without fog lights: the BMW i3 sold here in Italy will not have fog lights. The insertion of the fog lights would have further increased the price of sale of BMW i3 on the local market.

The materials that make the difference
There BMW i3 he gets paid, and even good, but once on board we must completely forget the cockpits we are used to. Even those who drive a German car with the most expensive equipment will find, aboard BMW i3, the finest materials: hibiscus fiber panels, the dashboard in eucalyptus wood, the seats in leather tanned with olive extract and the interiors "very soft " of the Suite set-up can boast ecological production materials.

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