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How to grow camellias

How to grow camellias

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In the article we will illustrate how to grow camellias, ornamental plants among the most loved of all together with roses; it is no coincidence that in the language of flowers they represent beauty. Camellias are small shrubs that can reach a height of about 6-7 meters; their flowering has single or double and semi-double flowers, with colors ranging from white to red, from pink to yellow. Among the most common varieties, let's remember Camelia Japonica, which blooms from February until spring. There are also winter-flowering camelliasplants that give beautiful fragrant flowers while braving the cold and frost

How to grow camellias, directions

  • At the time of planting, choose a semi-sunny and well sheltered from the wind. Be careful, however, even in full sun: the leaves could get sick, staining with yellow-brown
  • In case of particularly harsh winters, protect the camellias when the buds are already formed with non-woven fabric
  • Prefer acidic, soft soils enriched with decomposed leaves and peat: in the case of calcareous soils, periodically administer iron chelates to avoid losing vigor to the plant
  • Administer organic fertilizer once a year
  • Mulch the soil with moist peat: in spring, with heather earth, to keep the roots fresh
  • Water repeatedly and abundantly only in the hot months, gradually reducing: attention is very sensitive to stagnation. In areas with calcareous water, use rainwater
  • Eliminate the flowers to prevent fruit from forming: this would take away the vigor of the plants
  • The camellias multiply by grafting, by splitting, preferably in spring.
  • The most common parasites are aphids, especially in spring which attack young shoots: to remedy this problem, a few sprinkles with soapy water are sufficient.

How to grow camellias, pruning
The camellias they should not necessarily be pruned every year: annual pruning must be done basically to give a shape to the plant.
In spring, at the beginning of the vegetation, it is sufficient to shorten the disordered branches, the old ones that could cause it to perish. Pruning should be done immediately after flowering, never in autumn.

How to grow camellias, transfer
Plants grown in pots should be transplanted approximately every 3-4 years but for the first two or three years of life it is preferable to repot every year, before the vegetative period, using a pot with a diameter greater than 10%.
Avoid grounding, in the hottest period of the year (June-September): the camellias may have some suffering, since this period coincides with the vegetation phase of the plants.

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