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There is talk of IT reuse in Smau Bari

There is talk of IT reuse in Smau Bari

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The IT reuse it concerns public administrations which, if they are owners of application programs, can give them to use by other administrations of the State which can adapt them to new needs.

Purpose of IT reuse, which was mentioned for the first time in the law of 24 November 2000, is the spread of the so-called information society. Not to be confused with recycling proper, also the IT reuse is based on the principle of 'do not waste'.

Of IT reuse it will be discussed extensively at the SMAU Fair in Bari (12-13 February), where the 'Reuse Champions e-Government Award' will also be awarded. This is a recognition promoted by the Politecnico di Milano (e-Government Observatory) and by the organizers of Smau, the largest Italian information technology fair, with the aim of promoting the practice of IT reuse also at the local public administration level.

Of the IT reuse we need to talk about it because it is a serious matter, as well as quite complex in its path. In fact, it is not simply an exchange of computer programs between one entity and another, but rather to ensure that the applications purchased by the PA are designed from the beginning in the logic of IT reuse. And also to improve the organization of the PA through the integration of various systems and platforms based on open standards, therefore open source.

Obviously there will also be more in Smau. At the Bari edition of the event, Italian innovation will be represented and not only that linked to digital technologies. There will be agrifood and biotechnology, construction and renewable energy. And again: tourism, smart cities and smart communities. In short, all sectors in which innovation plays a fundamental role.

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