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Thermal insulation systems for ceilings

Thermal insulation systems for ceilings

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The systems of thermal insulation for ceiling they are essential in the home, especially if you aim for energy efficiency. If we want insulate house we must deal in detail with the issue ofthermal insulation: there are many insulating materials capable of protecting our home from external temperatures and equally numerous are the thermal insulation born for ceiling.

Thermal insulation for ceiling, the plasterboard false ceiling
To create a plasterboard false ceiling it will be necessary to build a wooden frame to which beams fixed to hooks or laths launched up to the walls will be placed in order to house the components insulators.

THE insulating mats they must be placed between the wooden beams and must be sealed using the classic plasterboard panels that must be inserted above a polyethylene barrier. To ensure thethermal insulation of the ceiling an insulating material with a low specific weight will be indicated, a system of thermal insulation in glass wool.

Thermal insulation for ceiling, the suspended ceilings insulators
It is made with a suspended grid that integrates panels insulators extremely light. With the addition of special acoustic panels, this system of thermal insulation for ceiling helps to isolate the house from sound, very useful if it is a two-story house.

When installing a thermal insulation for ceiling, special attention must be paid to the ventilation of the room: theceiling insulation create an additional "plug" to the building structure, so to avoid stagnation or a sense of numbness, it is good to pay attention to the ventilation of the room. In these cases it is important to install an external air intake such as, for example, a built-in fan.

When it comes tothermal insulationyou have to keep in mind the so-called "U factor ". The U factor represents the thermal transmittance which expresses the amount of heat that in the unit of time can pass through a surface element of 1 square meter in the presence of a temperature difference of one degree between the inside and the outside. In other words, in Factor U it represents the complex of thermal exchanges between the external surface of a wall and the internal one. Plus theU factorof a material is high, the less suitable that material will be for construction use, on the contrary, the lower the U value and the greater itsthermal insulation.

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