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Save on Heating

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For save on heating there are many strategies to be implemented. In our guide article "how to save on heating " we have already seen six effective strategies for those who do not want to make major changes to their structure. Who wants save on heating and is willing to make a few more investments, may find the following very useful.

Save on heating investing less than 200 euros
Have you already considered purchasing a smart thermostat?
Thermoregulation allows you to save large amounts of energy optimizing consumption without penalizing comfort. There are thermostats on the market that can also be managed from the smartphone. The initial investment is minimal and the benefits are many.
Heat reflective panels can enhance the heat given off by your radiators. They cost around 10 euros per square meter and are easy to install.

Save on heating investing from 500 to 3,000 euros
Have you ever heard of pellet stoves? There are also models much cheaper than 500 euros but to have gods savings in the long term, it is better to increase the initial investment quota. With a pellet stove, to heat a room of about 90 square meters, at the end of winter, you get to save 150 euros compared to a natural gas boiler or even around 600 euros if the comparison is with a diesel or LPG heating system.

Save on heating, the boiler
Who really wants save on heating must seriously consider the possibility of changing the water heating system. In addition to solar thermal, heat pumps or the same pallet stoves can be used to heat domestic water. Pellet stoves, in addition to heating the house, can also produce hot water so as to say goodbye to boilers, electric boilers or too old water heaters!

Save on heating and on the air conditioner
For save both on heating in the cold months, and on the air conditioner in the summer months, it is possible to focus on thermal insulation with perfect insulation of the building and use a heat pump. A heat pump extracts energy from the outside air to heat the house and water or to cool the rooms. When it comes to heat pumps, air / air, air / water and geothermal solutions are available. With a heat pump it is possible to reduce harmful CO2 emissions by about 1,500 kg per year.

Save on heating, the recovery of initial expenses
We have already seen how this is possible amortize and recover the initial costs of a pellet stove. As with the stove, the other energy-efficient systems also return the money invested and do it with interest! Whoever installs a latest generation heat pump - more expensive - will be able to recover the cost within 5 years and considering the life span, will return a saving net of expenses of about 15 thousand euros.

With a heat pump or with systems like the solar fireplace you will save both on heating both on expenses related to the air conditioning system. In addition, all the expenses incurred to optimize the energy efficiency of a building are entitled to tax deductions of 50-60% or can access the Thermal Account or, in the case of photovoltaic systems, the energy sales system commonly called "exchange on the spot ".