Smart Brabus, the electric convertible

Smart Brabus, the electric convertible

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There Smart Brabus Cabrio electric is one of the versions of Smart available in the range Smart Electric Drive. There Smart Brabus has prices which start at 29,990 euros for the coupe while the Smart Brabus Cabrio electric takes home with 33,000 euros.

Among the electric cars on the market, the Smart eletrtica is probably the smallest and most compact and the Smart Brabus Cabrio it is perhaps among the most expensive compact electric cars. The price is due to the prestige of the brand that stands out for some detail that stands out in the cockpit. For the rest, the interiors of the Smart Brabus they are rich in plastic materials but embellished with leather seats, sports pedals, brake and steering wheel that sport the signature Brabus.

As for aesthetics, òa Smart Brabus it was equipped with 16-inch wheels on the front and 17-inch wheels on the rear. The autonomy of the Smart Brabus it is 145 km with a full tank of electricity, while the top speed is 130 km / h. Acceleration sees the sprint from 0 to 60 km / h covered in 4.4 seconds.

The saving of the electric motor proposed by Smart Brabus
When it comes to electric cars, running costs drop dramatically and with the Smart Brabus Cabrio or Coupé whatever it is, we say goodbye to expensive gasoline. The estimated combined cycle electricity consumption in kWh per 100 km, if we consider a recharge with the standard 230 V socket, is 15.1 (kWh / 100 km traveled), the energy efficiency category could not than being the A +.

Who intends to buy one Smart Brabus, can save on the admission price by giving up the battery which will then have to be rented. Battery rental provides the user with various guarantees but obliges him to pay a monthly fee. When buying a Smart, among the options you can think of choosing the Wallbox, the fast charging socket that allows you to fill up with energy in just one hour. As the name implies, the Wallbox is a small, space-saving wall charger that can be easily installed in your garage.

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