The most sought after professionals in Italy

The most sought after professionals in Italy

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Unemployment rates are rising but still there sought after figures in our country. What are the most sought after professional figures in Italy? By observing the trend of the labor market in recent years, it is possible to make accurate estimates and forecasts for the next few years.

It has been seen that the figures sought in Italy are those related to the engineering sector, in the forefront the management, mechanical and electronic engineers. Thanks to the growing development of the green economy, the requests related to this sector are always increasing. According to the latest edition of the Expocomfort Convention Exhibition, green professions will create more than 1.2 million contracts by 2020.

The eco-oriented designer
Between most sought after professional figures we report the designer and dmechanical or electronic teacher, preferably a mechanical or electrical engineer specialized in the design of electronic products oriented towards environmental sustainability.

Quality control officer
A wanted figure by companies to verify that products meet certain standards.

The energy certifier
To become an energy certifier, you just need a diploma as an industrial, agricultural expert or surveyor. Technical graduates in Engineering, Architecture, Environmental Sciences, Chemistry, Forestry and Environmental Sciences and Technologies and Agricultural Sciences and Technologies can also become certifying the energy class of buildings. Access to the profession is determined by an 80-hour course, with a price ranging between 700 and 1300 euros depending on the Region that provides it.

Designer of renewable energy systems
An expert in the design of plants that produce renewable energy, capable of verifying the potential, impact and requirements of a plant. He can work for public bodies, ministries, regions, industries operating in the green economy... It is estimated that the basic salary is around 28,500 euros per year.

Solar panel installer
The installers of solar panels must be able to set up a functioning system that is perfectly integrated with the accessory devices, and must also be able to carry out labor and any repairs. The installer will have to handle relations with the customer who commissions the company to set up a photovoltaic system. Find out how to become an installer of photovoltaic panels.

The energy manager
The figure was imposed by law in 1991 and today it is back in the limelight. At this link we have already explained how to become an energy manager but we remind you that the titles recommended to carry out this profession are those with an energy or environmental address. It is estimated that during the first 3 or 5 years of your career you could earn an average of 35,000 euros per year.

Since the majority of young people aim for other professions, including sought after figures of Italy maintenance workers, electricians, plumbers, wood craftsmen ...

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