Car sharing services in Milan

Car sharing services in Milan

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The options are increasing between traditional petrol cars and electric vehicles car sharing in Milan. Enough to say that the shared car idea has caught on in the city and has become a lively market.

A bit of (short) history. The first service of car sharing in Milan was GuidaMI of ATM, then Car2go and Enjoy arrived as regards thermal engine vehicles. In the electric, which is liked in the center but is penalized if the distance is lengthened, E-Vai and EqSharing are compared.

Meanwhile, other operators are on the way: we are talking about Drive Now with the BMW imprint and, lastly, Twist, an entirely Milanese company with a fleet of Volkswagen up. Many German cars in car sharing perhaps it is not a coincidence after the rumors from Volkswagen: a multi-year investment plan (we are talking about sixty billion) with the aim not only of producing new models but of changing the paradigm of car mobility.

The boom of the car sharing is indicated by the increase in users that from 17 thousand 900 in 2009 became 90 thousand in 2013. Reason that pushes Car2go and Enjoy to also focus on Rome where the Car2go Smart ForTwo should land it is said by March 2014. Well, in the meantime, the electric that has on its side the near-zero impact of emissions.

E-Vai has bet on a car sharing electric with a package offer of 5 euros / hour - 60 euros / day all inclusive; EqSharing, on the other hand, offers a rate of 0.13 / euro per minute which, for 60 minutes, raises the hourly price to 7.8 euro per hour but is more convenient for short-distance journeys. On non-electric vehicles, petrol and LPG, even E-vai thinks by the minute, starting however from a fixed hourly or daily.

The ideas of car sharing in Milan there are as many and more than the operators. That of Car2go was to bring the possibility of taking a car everywhere, just intercept one with the GPS of the smartphone, with the possibility of using it as needed and parking it wherever you want within the area indicated by the service regulations.

Rates too car sharing of Enjoy, Car2go and GuidaMI differ in certain respects. For example, in the daily fee, EqSharing and GuidaMI provide it while Enjoy does not. Another difference is in the annual registration fee, not foreseen in the case of Enjoy, contained in the case of Car2go (19 euros) and not negligible in the case of Guida-Mi.

However, it must be said that Guida-Mi is the only service of car sharing in Milan which also offers the vehicle for trips outside the city, in Switzerland and in EU countries. In addition, to those who decide to scrap their car, GuidaMi offers a free subscription for one year and a bonus of 600 euros.

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