How to cook with the pressure cooker

How to cook with the pressure cooker

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If you are trying to understand how to cook with the pressure cooker you have opened the right page! Cooking with the pressure cooker, through steam cooking, it allows to preserve the properties of food, even better if organic.

For cooking with the pressure cooker, we recommend that you follow the appropriate recipes, especially if you are a beginner: the difficulty of cooking with the pressure cooker lies in understanding and managing the times of cooking.

How to cook with the pressure cooker, the choice of the pot
When buying a pressure cooker you can make your choice based on the amount of food to cook. For how many people do you think you should to cook? About one liter per person is enough, so if there are only four of you in the family, one will be enough pressure cooker with a capacity of 5 liters ... you can find them on the market pressure cookers with sizes of 3, 5 and 7 liters.

How to cook with the pressure cooker, how does it work
By administering heat to the pressure cooker (through the flame of the stove), the pressure inside the pot increases and thus the boiling point of the water increases. In this way, two advantages are obtained: cooking times are reduced (thanks to higher temperatures), the vapors produced remain inside the pot. From an energy point of view, the advantages are obvious: gas consumption is reduced by lowering the percentage of waste heat. There steaming it also allows you to save water in the kitchen: less water is needed to cook since the problem of evaporation is not addressed.

How to cook with the pressure cooker, the process step by step

  • Arrange the ingredients inside the pressure cooker and close paying particular attention to the lid.
  • Insert the food to be cooked.
  • Insert the right amount of liquids: generally, the water needed for the pressure cooking it should not be less than 1/4 or more than 3/4 of the pot capacity.
  • Place the pot on the stove and wait a few minutes, the time necessary to bring the water to a boil.
  • When the valve on the lid starts to whistle releasing steam, lower the heat and wait for the cooking times.
  • The cooking times must be calculated precisely from the hiss of the valve.
  • When cooked, turn off the stove, loosen the valve and let all the steam escape so as to decrease the pressure inside the pot.
  • Open the pot by unlocking the handle and turning the lid slightly.

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