Is the electric bicycle worthwhile?

Is the electric bicycle worthwhile?

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Buy oneelectric bicycle is worthwhile?
The answer to this question is not universal. It all depends on your lifestyle, your habits and where you live. To understand if oneelectric bicycle is worthwhile, we will make an essential and sincere analysis of the strengths and critical points of this "new" means of transport.

Thereelectric bicycle is worthwhileto those who move mainly in their own urban center. If you are considering buying oneelectric biketo get to work, it's fine if the office is in the same location as you, but not muchcheapif you have to travel 50 km just to get there!

Advantageselectric bike
Arianna is a hairdresser who provides home service, so every day Arianna moves between the houses of her city of residence to give the best hairstyles. Arianna moves aboard oneelectric bicycle, does not pay road tax, nor insurance and to transport work tools (hairdryer, straightener, scissors, dyes ...) use a large backpack. Arianna asks the most loyal customers to be able to recharge theelectric bicyclein the garage in exchange for a small discount so as to be able to extend the autonomy until the end of the working day.

In the example just reported, theconvenience of electric bikeit is obvious. The advantages of theelectric bikethey see the absence of a "possession tax", the obligation to have a driving license, the obligation to cover all insurance and management costs (poor maintenance and no need for liquid fuel).

Who is in excellent physical shape rather than going to work with oneelectric bicyclecan go with the classicbikepedalingnotassisted. The classic bike can win the comparison with thepedal assisted bikeif the user is in excellent physical shape and especially if he lives in flat areas: move between the ups and downs of Naples with abiketraditional may not be the best even for those in excellent physical shape!

Disadvantages of the electric bike
The biggest drawback of theelectric bicyclesis the purchase price! Currently the purchase price of oneelectric bicyclewith good characteristics (autonomy, battery life cycle, engine ...) it is around 1,000 euros. To evaluate the convenience of this purchase, just calculate how quickly you will be able to amortize the costs by calculating the fuel you will save.

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