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Photovoltaic roofing systems

Photovoltaic roofing systems

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There green building day after day widens its horizons and so comesbioclimatic architecture with innovative systems of biocomponents: the photovoltaic roof. It is about roofing systems data from double seamed aluminum tapes that become the ideal accommodation for Photovoltaic cells.

With i photovoltaic tapes architecture does not renounce the resistance, lightness and above all the durability of the materials used which, although ecological, can guarantee an attractive design with a maximum energy efficiency.

Among the leading materials in the sector of photovoltaic roofs, we find i roofing systems Prefalz Solar. They combine the qualities of aluminum - lightness, strength and manageability - with amorphous silicon technology. This combination makes it easy to set up roofing solar.

The Solar version of the classic Prefalz aluminum belts, sees a wide application of photovoltaic tapes amorphous silicon adhesives. The amorphous silicon it is ideal for homes that do not have a lot of sun exposure and that need low-slope roofs.

THE adhesive photovoltaic tapes they are flexible and applicable virtually anywhere. Thanks to amorphous silicon durable and particularly soft covers can be offered to suit the needs of each building. In when to coverings, Prefalz has a lot of experience behind him, in fact it is the aluminum strip patented by Prefa to cover the most lively or sinuous architectural forms, without any structural constraint and with extreme freedom.

Photovoltaic roofing systems they can cover their own apartment and connect directly to the domestic electricity network to provide concrete and monitored energy savings through a control unit. For those who decide to reclaim old asbestos coatings in favor of solar roofs, there are incentives for photovoltaics in addition to the so-called "bonus eternit ". Between incentives, energy efficiency, long-term savings and above all with the growth of a more ecological awareness, the green building it is destined to become the standard of the future.


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