Integrated photovoltaic roof

Integrated photovoltaic roof

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Theintegrated solar roofrepresents the best solution to bring photovoltaics into the home, this is because an otherwise dead / unused surface is exploited (precisely theroof) and the energy efficiency of the house is optimized. Aintegrated solar roofmanages to significantly increase the economic value of a building, not to mention the benefits for the inhabitants.

Distinction: theintegrated solar roofor partiallyintegrated
Aphotovoltaic system integrated in roof, is the one set up at the same time as the roofing of a building. The distinction must be made at the time of requesting the incentives. If you want to install a photovoltaic system on the roof of a house already built, this will be defined "partially integrated ". When the roof has pitched roofs, only one pitch can accommodate aplant. The side of the roof most exposed to the sun is chosen.

If it is simpler for pitched roofs, for flat roofs or non-integrated panels - solar systems built on the ground -, a support structure must be prepared to tilt the panels. Who is interested in aintegrated solar roofbut has no plans for roofing renovation and does not have to build a new home, it can consider flexible photovoltaic roofs.

With the spread ofsolar roofs eof photovoltaic solutionsintegrated, the market proposals have become more and more consistent: not only amorphous silicon technology but also polyurethane insulated panels and simple or curved corrugated sheets. Photovoltaicsintegratedstands out for its flexibility as it will have to integrate perfectly right from the design of aroof,must therefore be able to meet architectural needs, primarily those for the inclination without forgetting aesthetics: the so-calledintegrationit must be harmonious with respect to the entire home.

A integrated solar roofit can become the golden opportunity for the disposal of asbestos roofing, without the need to damage other pre-existing structures.

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