Photovoltaics: even a parish priest against bureaucracy

Photovoltaics: even a parish priest against bureaucracy

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Bureaucracy can make even a parish priest lose his temper

There green economy everyone likes it, i photovoltaic panels allow you to heat our homes and produce hot water by reducing the use of fossil fuels (they benefit fromenvironment and the wallet), but when it comes to moving from words to deeds, here are the problems. The parish priest of Rovagnate, a village a stone's throw from that city of Lecco where Manzoni brought one of the best known characters of the Betrothed to life: the lawyer Azzeccarbugli.

Because more than problems, it is a question of bureaucracy rather than common sense, the story of which we leave to the combative priest: “You want to install photovoltaic panels on your roofs? The bureaucracy knows no bounds of idiocy: they do everything to discourage you from resorting to renewable energies, he writes Don Giorgio De Capitani in a letter entrusted to a local newspaper. "It is not enough to ask for permission once, they make a fuss about you in a completely reckless way, this is missing or that is missing (and sometimes the document is attached, but they do not see it), and time passes, the landscaping commission is found when find to decide ".

When the problem is not the law of the state, local regulations seem to be said, getting to the heart of the problem. "And now, here's the truly paradoxical discovery: apart from the color that is imposed, we don't know with what criteria, panels they must be embedded in the roof! Who established it? We as a parish are also asking for permits to install i photovoltaic panels: they have been making us dance for months! This novelty of cashing them is really unbearable. The cost? Is it worth it? We are really tired of thoughtless people who decide on the skin of others. Of course, the law is the same for everyone. We don't ask for privileges. We only ask that there be more respect for everyone, more seriousness, more willingness to favor what today is called revolution renewable energies. Does aesthetics matter? So let them have all the chimneys removed from the roofs, the antennas, that they build decent houses ... "

For Don Mario the bureaucracy is vigilant only when it wants: "And then it happens that on the roofs of many houses there is stilleternity, but the law is silent on the presence of this really dangerous material, the administrations don't care, the police are busy pissing us off because this or that is missing, threatening to shut down an innocent village festival ... ".

THE embedded photovoltaic panels are a controversial topic. According to many technicians the roof must protect from rain and snow, i photovoltaic panels produce energy: we let everyone do their job. The risk of infiltration is actually higher than with panels placed on the tiles. Regarding the landscape issue, well, how can Don Mario be wrong?

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