Roof skylights

Roof skylights

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Low-light domestic environments almost cause sadness, but unfortunately it happens in blind environments that have no windows. A solution comes from skylights for ceilings. THE skylights have a very specific purpose, to take advantage of natural light for lighting domestic environments that do not communicate with the outside. There are various types of on the market skylights but few can guarantee high performance with excellent reflective properties; essential feature to transport the natural light of the atmosphere right into the home.

The Italian company Solarspot offers skylights tubular that adapt well to both floors and ceilings. THE skylights Tubulars produced by Solarspot have a rather small diameter ranging from 25 to 65 centimeters. Install a skylight it is the ideal solution, especially for those attic rooms, underground rooms and for attics that are usually poorly lit.

THE skylights more modern ones use small highly efficient transparent domes, they not only capture the direct rays of the sun but also the light intensity naturally present in the atmosphere and are able to transport it for up to 25 meters. Thus, i roof skylights they guarantee brightness even when the sky is covered with clouds. In the dome, the tubular skylights feature an interactive reflective optical system that captures the light intensity and a conveyor with highly reflective internal walls. This combination is able to transport 99% of the external light into the house through a diffuser that closes the end of the duct.

THE skylights they adapt well to any type of ceiling, whether it is made of tiles or linear. To install a skylight is not an invasive intervention. Technically, it involves making a hole in the roof and lowering the pipe of the device. As for the Solarspot company, it is possible to request quotes online but as a general guideline, it can be said that i skylights tubulars cost about 400 euros to which you have to add about 100 euros for each meter of pipe needed: for a standard ceiling, the price of skylights it should not exceed 500 euros.

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