Walkable solar panels

Walkable solar panels

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THE walkable solar panels represent a practical and innovative solution to transform any flat surface into one source of clean energy. There are now various types on the market. From the most elegant to the most spartan shapes. They also exist walkable thermal solar panels, an example is the one produced and distributed by the Italian company Ideasol S.r.l ..

The walkable thermal solar panel by Ideasol Srl is called Aurora and is made of plastic material, has dimensions similar to those of garden tiles (40 x 40 cm) and thanks to a simple assembly and low weight, these solar panels they can create flat surfaces of various sizes and entirely walkable.

With the advent of walkable solar panels real and proper are born photovoltaic tiles perfect for the construction of terraces, sunny gardens but also for wallpapering the surface of boats.

Another example is given by Photovoltaic Floor, a floor consisting of photovoltaic tiles which integrates perfectly from an architectural point of view. A real "walkable photovoltaic roof ", made with a glass solar panel layered, highly resistant. The layers are comparable to those of ceramic tiles and the result achieved is that of a completely walkable surface.

As mentioned, i walkable solar panels can also be integrated on boats. Examples are i solar panels resistant and flexible that carry on the lower surface a single layer of stainless steel capable of resisting saline corrosion. THE solar panels for boats they don't have to be alone walkable but also flexible to adapt to the curvature of the boat.

The top surface is usually covered with Teflon which makes the panel not only walkable but also non-slip, useful in the presence of water. These panels and other accessories are provided by Marozzini Travel. Equipping a boat of solar panels not only allows you to supply clean energy to the onboard battery but also extends its life by avoiding self-discharge.

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In the photo, the solar boat Turanor

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