Eco-friendly design: amplified with Eco-amp

Eco-friendly design: amplified with Eco-amp

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Multiple forms of the ecological design and, as in the case of Eco-amps, the simpler they are the more they like and work. Hayley Strauss, creator of Eco-made, e Dave Le Grand, the designer, tell how this small accessory of great utility was born, which with its simplicity honors ecological design, emphasizing how the essential, this time, is visible to the eye. And it's green.

1) How was Eco-amp born? Were you already an ecological design expert?
The idea of ecological design so simple it was born in college, when Dave LeGrand put his iphone in a cup to amplify the sound, the voice. After some time, as soon as we finished college, working with a technology start-up we revived our knowledge and our passion for ecological design deciding to create something concrete.
2) How was Eco-amp born?
We told ourselves that it was possible to create an object of ecological design that really amplified that sound, an object that was a true product of design, more effective, more interesting, more attractive than that "cup method". So Dave played a bit with the card and got the right shape. It worked, and it became an Eco-amp.

3) How did you then develop the idea?
Once we found the solution to amplify, we did the rest together, deciding to found Eco-made, entirely dedicated to ecological design. Thanks to the support of family and friends we were able to set up our own company that produced objects of ecological design, starting with Eco-amp: our dream.
4) How does it work?
Once mounted, Eco-amp becomes 3D and can be applied to the extreme of the iPhone. Its particular shape amplifies the sound of the existing speaker. It is very simple, ecological design is essential, as it should also be.
5) For which devices can it be used?
This accessory of ecological design it has been designed to be compatible with every model of Iphone. To adapt it to other devices such as the iPad or other smartphones, we thought of a model on purpose, with a new concept of design, always ecological, but more versatile and therefore more usable.
6) What other similar products do you offer with Eco-made?
There is this Eco-amp for Ipad that works perfectly with most smartphones and tablets out there. For example Apple iPad Air®, Apple iPad®, Apple iPhone®, Apple iPad Mini®, Samsung Galaxy S®, Samsung Galaxy Note®, Samsung Galaxy Tab®, Amazon Kindle Fire®, Google Nexus®, Microsoft Surface®, Motorola Moto X®, Sony Xperia®, and many other Android devices.
7) In the case of Eco-amp, what is the target you are targeting?
We have two different targets. The first is that of retailers, both large and small. We are in contact with many small shops around the world interested in this accessory ecological design. Eco-amp is an excellent gift, for example, it captures attention, is original, like it. But now we are aiming at companies and universities that may wish it as object of promotion, original, ecological, intelligent. We have contacts with universities in Australia, for example, who would like to distribute it among students, as a gadget, among freshmen, or as an object to promote themselves and attract new students.

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