Photovoltaic Panels become Towers

Photovoltaic Panels become Towers

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When it comes to Towers with photovoltaic panels or Solar Towers, a universal description cannot be given. The Towers solar are structures able to make the most of renewable energy but they do so by implementing different strategies. The Towers with photovoltaic panels they are vertical structures that exploit the capabilities of panels arranged three-dimensionally.

Between Towers already built there are models capable of exploiting both wind energy thanks to a series of tubular turbines, and solar energy through a system of photovoltaic panels high efficiency which usually forms the basis of Tower.

Only recently, from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), did the first projects ofTowers with Photovoltaic panelsable to pick up the energy of the sun up to 20 times more than traditional photovoltaic panels dishes". The Towers designed by MIT, they only exploit solar energy and do so with a purely structural strategy.

No nanotechnology is required: the idea is to capture more light radiation thanks to a three-dimensional arrangement of photovoltaic panels. In this case, the photovoltaic system develops vertically, which is why we speak of "Towers photovoltaic“.

With the classic solar plants a large surface is occupied and in addition, the sun's rays can be captured only with an optimal orientation of the panel. With a photovoltaic tower the panels are always oriented to obtain maximum efficiency: le towers they would standardize energy production by obtaining the best distribution of clean energy production throughout the day. In this way it would also disappear “The daily peak of production". It is well known that those who own a solar plant, during peak hours, can produce an energy surplus which, not being able to be stored easily, is often wasted.

Small plant owners photovoltaic they resort to exchange on the spot, but when it comes to large companies the problem is more felt. ATower with photovoltaic panels should also solve this problem by facilitating the direct self-consumption of the users of the tower system so as to ensure better interaction of the systems in the electricity network.

Towers with photovoltaic panels, the limits
The idea of ​​exploiting a three-dimensional structure for the construction of a solar system seems to be a winning one but there are outstanding issues and it is not just the higher production costs. THE photovoltaic panels of a Tower maximize solar yield but more Towers they would shade each other so as not to allow series installation. To break down this limit, the towers with Solar panels they should be used individually, perhaps installed in large parking lots in shopping centers or in the squares of metropolises.

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