Solar Fireplace, here's how it works

Solar Fireplace, here's how it works

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Is called solar fireplaceand it is a system that improves the ventilation of a building by exploiting the natural principle of rising hot air. If in modern construction a solar fireplace it may seem like a novelty, it is not at all if we leaf through the history books: the structures built by the ancient Romans already exploited the same principle.

A solar fireplace it consists of three fundamental parts that are able to guarantee the collection of heat and a flow of air for replacement. We thus have a space for collecting sunlight and hot air (just as seen in the flues), there is a ventilation shaft and a duct that guarantees the passage of air.

How a Solar Fireplace works?
The sun's rays that "they beat " s the house during the day, they accumulate in the collection space so as to create an upward current motion: the hot air rises upwards, helping to cool the home and improve air circulation. For your needs, a solar fireplace must be made in the most illuminated part of the house. In the making of a solar fireplace,more attention must be paid to the collection surface: the larger the absorption surface of the sun's rays, the more intense the air rising flow will be.

The solar fireplace ideal must be placed with the collection surface at maximum solar exposure and the manufacturing materials must be excellent accomplices: the glass walls are excellent for filtering the light as well as the black paint is able to absorb the heat without then reducing it.

Thanks to solar fireplace domestic environments can be refreshed naturally and, to minimize the use of air conditioners, underground ducts can be built through which the air will pass before entering the building.

The solar fireplace, just like the systems of solar cooling, can be exploited in two ways. If on the one hand the solar fireplace it can cool the house, on the other hand it is also capable of passively heating it. By reversing the operation of the solar fireplace it can be transformed into a passive heat storage system; this is made possible by the so-called "trombe wall", a wall made of stone or concrete thanks to which the environment will be heated through the solar radiation collected during the peak hours of the day.

The Trombe wall has a glass plate on the outside that can collect solar radiation by exploiting the greenhouse effect created by the glass itself. With its function " bi-directional ", a solar fireplace it could lighten the energy costs associated with HVAC systems.

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