ILand Solar portable photovoltaic

ILand Solar portable photovoltaic

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Thanks to portable photovoltaic it is possible to bring electricity to places far from the urban electricity grid. This advantage, for us Westerners, translates into making our outdoor adventures even more comfortable, for those who live in remote villages, the portable photovoltaic manages to supply electricity (light, heating) and water resources thanks to the pumping of water.

Those who want even more camping comfortable can rely on portable solar devices totally autonomous. A goodportable photovoltaic system will be able to provide lighting, recharge electrical devices and ensure the pumping of water so as to provide the electricity needed to carry out all outdoor activities such as the aforementioned camping, an expedition, a 4 × 4 tour or a Safari to discover nature.


As mentioned in the introduction, the portable photovoltaic it is not just for fun purposes; those who live in remote locations around the globe do not have access to the electricity grid as do the locations that are victims of earthquakes or other natural disasters. In this case, a portable solar device it could make the difference between life and death.

The market proposes portable solar devices of all shapes, capacities and sizes. In the past we have talked about various photovoltaic chargers, solar gadgets such as lamps or smartphone covers and more sophisticated photovoltaic electric generators. So with the models, the prices also change: if a solar lamp can cost 10 euros, a charger photovoltaic for tablet it will cost 80 while the one solar powered electric generator it will cost around 350 euros. The prices listed here are only indicative, much depends on the efficiency and power of the solar cells employed.


An excellent solution of portable photovoltaic is given by iLand Solar solar devices. These are kits that work completely independently: they can supply light, recharge any electrical device and even pump water from a river or a well.

The kit of electrical generation iLand Solar has everything you need to bring electricity everywhere. To make transport easier it is placed in a tubular package and weighs less than 12 kg. Unity photovoltaic it can be rolled up, integrates a light source and when used for pumping water, the electrical power is such as to be able to transport 20-30 liters per minute.

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