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Expo 2015. Work begins on the Arab pavilion

Expo 2015. Work begins on the Arab pavilion

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Even the United Arab Emirates have made their presence official a Expo Milan 2015. With the beginning of March, the representatives of the Expo group of United Arab Emirates they got together to plan every detail of their participation. The first point on the agenda saw the setting up of the pavilion and its design.

The official parameters were discussed by a team of experts: architects, designers, creative consultants and specialized companies. Among the companies present was Ubrica, the architectural firm founded by Sir Norman Foster and Partners. The studio has already designed a large part of the city of Masdar, the central market of the Abu Dhabi and the Zayed Museum.

The Ubrica studio already boasts great merits when it comes to Universal Expositions: he was the author of award-winning pavilion ofExpo 2010. UAE Pavilion present at theShanghai Expo, currently located on Saadiyat Island, near Maanarat. The pavilion in question, together with the Czech Pavilion, has received several awards and aroused much surprise for its characteristic shape: the pavilion is a dune shaped building.

123 countries have made their presence official a Expo Milan 2015. The Commissioner General of the UAE Pavilion, Ibrahim Al Abed said "We hope the success achieved by the United Arab Emirates in Shanghai can be repeated or even overcome with theExpo of Milan“.

One from the pillars of Expo Milan 2015 and the environmental sustainability and Masdar plays a significant role in helping the Expo Milan 2015 to draw up guidelines for carrying out a project carbon neutral as part of One-Planet.

The Director General of the UAE Pavilion, Abdulla Al-Aidarous, underlined "I can promise the organizers and the public of Expo 2015 that the United Arab Emirates Pavilion it will surprise and delight all visitors who will be able to see it ”.

The Arab team will develop the project during 2013 so as to finish it by 2014 and carry out preliminary tests before the opening of Expo Milan 2015.

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