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What to do with pruning residues

What to do with pruning residues

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Composting of pruning residues

There pruning it can also be fun if you have the passion, the right tool and you know where to scissor (in case, take a look at the rules of pruning for beginners). But then there are a lot of branches left to dispose of and this is where the boring part of the job begins. What to do with the residues of pruning?

The first thing to keep in mind is that the material of pruning it should not be burned. First because bonfires are dangerous and pollute, even when it is the wood that burns, and secondly because the residues of pruning they are a resource not to be wasted.

The scraps of pruning, appropriately chopped, they can be exploited in home composting and in any case in the recycling of organic matter that can be used in the vegetable garden and in the garden. Do you have a small vineyard or a few vines for table grapes? Well, by burying the chopped vine shoots you can cover up to 20% of the vine's macroelements needs and up to 50% of microelements.

But there is more, the residues of pruning they also help keep the most robust weeds in the vegetable garden and garden under control. In fact, the burying of the resulting shredded pruning reduces the germination capacity of the seeds of weeds, which happens because the tannins and phenols present on the shoots have a toxic action towards most of the seeds.

In order to be used as fertilizer material, the waste of pruning they must be finely chopped. This can be done on site using a chipper whose power is proportional to the diameter of the branches you want to prune. If you have a vegetable garden or a small planted garden and the pruning of fruit trees is a recurring operation for you, the purchase of a mop could be a good investment.

How are pruning residues used? The pruning that are chopped fresh do not need to be moistened (it is different if you cut dry branches). However, it is not necessary to build a pile of pruning waste only, but to mix this material with other organic products: kitchen waste, garden waste, mown grass, ash. Also manure and waste from the chicken coop if you have animals.

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