Restoring old furniture with decoupage

Restoring old furniture with decoupage

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How many old furniture closed in the cellar because we don't like them anymore! Throwing them away cries our heart, certainly in the cellar they will not be useful to anyone; maybe a nice diversion for woodworms. But let's see in detail how we can restore old furniture using the decoupage technique.

Restoring old furniture, some ideas
In addition to stickers, stencils and various decorations, an excellent technique for restoring and renovating chairs, cabinets and tables is decoupage; it requires no special skills and is very economical. In this sense we can cover the chairs, bedside tables, dressers with pages of newspapers, comics or use the decoupace sheets that you find on sale at newsstands or in DIY stores.
For example, a nice idea would be to cover your little ones' bedside tables with comic paper or with some old goegraphic map!

Restoring old furniture, the preparation
Before going into the technique of decoupage on your old furniture, it is good to follow some important precautions for a good final result:

  1. Sand the surface of the furniture to be treated with light-grained sandpaper to completely remove the old paint: be careful not to scratch the furniture
  2. After cleaning the furniture carefully with a damp cloth, make it uniform by covering it with white paint
  3. Let it dry for at least 4 hours and then proceed with the decoration: make sure the piece of furniture is perfectly dry
  4. Choose the paper scraps to use and with the help of a brush, pass over them one or more coats of vinyl glue until they adhere perfectly to the surface of the furniture
  5. Spread some transparent varnish: it serves to protect the decoration

Tips: you can also decide to simply paint the furniture in the color you prefer and then apply simple decorations. In this case it will still be necessary to sand the object in question with sandpaper before moving on to painting.

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