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How to dry clean the car

How to dry clean the car

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There are many people intrigued by thedry cleaning of the car. With thedry cleaning of the carit is possible to obtain various advantages both from an environmental point of view and from a quality point of view: the result of dry washseems to be better than the classic gotcar washwith water.

Thedry cleaning of the carit allows, in the immediate future, a large water saving, in addition, the products forwash the car without waterthey are usually ecological and biodegradable, rich in natural detergents that clean and polish the bodywork of thecarwithout damaging it.

The dry cleaning of the carit is an even more practical solution: those who only have a small garage at their disposal cannot afford to flood it with high pressure water jets!

With thedry washL'carit is cleaned, polished and protected. The most skeptical can make a first attempt by going to a car wash that uses thewashing without water: in Italy there are more and more centers that offer dry car wash,you can try it for the first time at such a car wash and after having touched it, continue with the purchase of one of the many products on the market and thendry clean the car with DIY.

How can a washing without water clean acar?
In fact, define itdry wash it is not entirely correct: for cleaning the car, products based on deionized water are used which must be sprayed on the bodywork and removed with microfiber cloths. This aqueous solution is rich innatural waxesand ecological soaps that wash away dirt, polish the bodywork and create a protective film that can protect the car from dust.

Forwash the carin the traditional way, 80 to 160 liters of water are used, the water advantage ofdry washit is clear, just as the hygienic advantage that the car derives from it is clear: too often the chemical detergents and brushes used for car washing are too aggressive and end up ruining the much loved bodywork.

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